Semestral break is officially over and sadly, I failed to
finish posting all of my backlogs during my last week of freedom because I got hooked to yet another KDrama, Playful Kiss which is the Korean version of
It Started With A Kiss,
and I wanted to finish it before 2nd sem
starts. That being said, I’d like to apologize in advance for the downpour of
reviews and haul posts in the coming weeks.
To begin my series of backlogs, let’s start off with the
first DollFace product I got sometime last summer. I seriously forgot I even
have this quad palette until late last week when I rummaged through my bright
orange train case. Let’s proceed with the review, shall we?
Available at DollFace Cosmetics for Php 420.
DollFace Quad Palette comes in a sturdy, classy-looking
black plastic compact with a huge mirror that occupies the entirety of the top
part. It is relatively heavier and bulkier compared to other quad palettes that
I own. 
The great thing about its packaging is that each color in the palette
can be removed and likewise be replaced with a different shade to allow the
user to create a palette with combination of colors particular to their taste
and the given purpose. That being said, it is like a customizable palette
container. Down side to that is that the shape and size is unusual for an
eyeshadow so if I want to build a different colored palette in that same
compact, I’ll have to buy it all from DollFace and nowhere else – talk about great marketing strategy. LOL!

The two shades on the top are a bit misleading. They look
like a solid white and baby pink color but when swatched, you’ll notice that
white turns into an almost silver-ish lilac color due to the shimmer particles.
The baby pink, on the other hand, looks more like pearl white than pink when
used. The shades are gorgeous and pigmented, yes but they’re not true to their
color. Still, I like using both shades to highlight the inner corners of my
The other two shades on the bottom are just lovely. They’re
pigmented, non-chalky and exactly the same from the color on the palette. Both
green and blue are almost metallic when swatched. I particularly love the green
one because it’s the only metallic green I own; such a great addition to my
makeup stash.

All of the four shades have great staying power with or
without primer. There were minimal fallouts and they feel soft against the lids;
not scratchy at all! I got this for free but if given a choice, I would’ve
chosen a more usable palette with neutral shades but this one is great too.
This way, I don’t have too many neutral palettes.
My first product from DollFace did not left me in awe but
after hearing a lot of good reviews from local bloggers about the brand, I
think I’m gonna give it another try. Hmm.. What to buy? A concealer wheel
maybe? We’ll see.
See you on my next
post, lovelies!