I’m back with yet another review for y’all. I wanted to finish this review last Monday but wasn’t able to blog for the past few days because I was distracted by all the news about flood victims. My heart goes out to all the victims of typhoon Helen. De La Salle – Dasmarinas is already arranging relief operations.  I hope you, girls, are safe and dry.
Anyway, back to the product I can’t wait to talk about, Dr. Skin Toner. Again, this will be a quick one. I started using this right after my visit to Nisce Skin ‘N Face last week (Read more about it HERE) since their staff practically begged me to give it a try. LOL! In all fairness to her, she did give a great recommendation. πŸ™‚

Like the other Dr. Skin products I tried so far, this toner smells nothing like chemicals. If any, it actually smells something between minty and citrus-y. Again, I’m no good in describing smells. LOL! This removes a lot.. let me emphasize that, A-L-O-T of dirt and makeup residue even after using makeup remover and washing my face. 
And in way it did help shrink my pores around the nose area. The change is not that visible yet though. Maybe with continuous usage it will be. I’ll update this post when I notice any significant change.
More importantly, it prevented the naturally recurring pimple madness on my right cheek and didn’t cause other skin related problems. 
A big thumbs up for that! πŸ™‚

Minutes after using this toner, my skin feels dry and stretched though no flaking occurred. This may be a con for some but for me, personally, I have nothing against it. As long as it will prevent breakouts, GO LANG! LOL!πŸ™‚

The only thing I really don’t like about this toner is that it somewhat forms a thin watery film on the face. So when I apply my night cream or moisturizer, it tends to ball up and fall off instead of allowing my skin to soak in all the goodness.
Taking everything in consideration, I’d still say this is a great buy. 
It’s cheap and effective.

So what do you think? Have you tried any Dr. Skin product yet?
Let me know by commenting down below.