Only after buying 8 boxes of faux lashes did I realize that I don’t have any glue to put them on with. With that, I immediately went straight to Suesh ATC branch after getting the package from Las Pinas Post Office. I was seriously overwhelmed with the range of brushes they have there! I was my kind of makeup heaven. Anyway, I demonstrated the kind of self-control that rarely happens but I’m very proud of nonetheless. I stepped outside that store holding a Suesh paper bag that contained nothing but lash glue — the only thing I really needed. Booyeah! I’ll show you some of the pictures I took of that branch at the end of this post.
Back to the review,
They only had one kind of lash glue available that time so I didn’t have any choice, really. I just grabbed the DUO Lash Adhesive near the side of the counter. 

First of all, I love that the tube has this thin, very precise nozzle which makes it faster to apply on the band of the faux lashes. Also, the amount of product it dispenses can be easily controlled.
As what the label on the box says, this lash glue, unlike the usual white or clear lash glue, came in a dark grey color making it less noticeable when it dries up. So the need for covering the lash glue with liquid liner is actually very minimal with DUO Lash Adhesive. Though I still recommend putting on liquid liner for a more flawless look.

More importantly, it makes the faux lashes stick on longer compared to the cheap Nichido lash glue I was using before. My usual problem with my last lash glue was that at the middle of the day, I can feel the lashes pricking the outer corner of my eyes as they start to detach. But with this one, I can expect my lashes to stay on for the entire day.

This retails at Php 500 for a 7g tube which could be expensive for some..Well, too expensive for a lash glue actually. Plus, it takes longer to dry up compared to the Nichido lash glue making it messier to apply. The lash glue tends to mess up my eye makeup even if I let it dry for a bit before sticking it as close to my lash line as possible.

Taking everything in consideration, I think there are more affordable lash glues in the market that would perform at par with DUO Lash Adhesive. No need to shell out hundreds of pesos on this. My next mission would be to find a better alternative. Do watch out for that.
Here are few pictures I took of Suesh’s newly renovated branch at ATC.

Look how elegant this set looks!
Shinny, shimmery makeup cases. Ooooh!
Now I know where to buy lashes for creative looks!
I’m really loving their ATC branch!!
If you’re a kikay like me, I’m sure you’ll love it there. 🙂
See you on my next post!