This will be a rather short review post. Since the product that is currently on the spotlight isn’t a makeup or skincare product, I can’t simply road test it for couple of days then assess it based on the outcome or effect it has to me or to be more exact; my skin. It’s a brush cleaner! It’s not like I can check whether or not it really lessens the microscopic dirt and dusts on my brushes. 
Now that I think of it, this may very well be a random rave post rather than a review. LOL! 
Anyway, I just wanna share how this product made my daily routine a little bit easier. πŸ˜‰
First and foremost, I admit (with complete honestly and slight shame) that I’m super lazy. During regular school days, I use my brushes every single day but I only wash them once or twice every two weeks. I just despise washing them because it takes two nights to dry! I mean, what the hell will I use in those two days??
Nevertheless, it’s still a repulsive habit. Right? 😐

I think that’s why my skin is acting up. My dirty brushes are causing my skin to breakout like crazy! That’s just my conclusion but it’s not really that far-fetched. It’s possible! LOL!
So what I do now is… every time I use any of my brushes, I clean it with tissue to remove remaining products. After that, I spray ELF Daily Brush Cleanser then leave them for a few minutes (while I get dressed) to allow them to dry. And right before I head out, the brushes are already dry and ready to go back to their respective pouches.

See, no brushes down time! Very quick and easy! I can reach out for my brushes anytime I need them. But of course, I still have to wash my brushes every once in a while. But not as often though. πŸ™‚
Wait! I haven’t shared my favorite part yet. After almost a month with this and a battalion of skincare products, I noticed my skin had finally calm down (less pimples). So cleaning my brushes daily could have actually helped my skin. πŸ˜‰