I was supposed to publish this review [and giveaway] yesterday but, as always; I got too caught up with my current read. I have the tendency to get too consumed by the book I’m reading that I often forget to do stuff, haha. I’m currently reading the last of Stephanie Perkins’ book, Isla and the Happily Ever After. It’s a really sweet novel.. something to get me through the traumatizing end of the Divergent series. I have an awfully huge crush on Four so.. <3 No spoilers, though! Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.. please excuse the lack of updates. πŸ™‚
EB Advance is a new brand not to be confused with the famous local drugstore brand Ever Bilena. From what I’ve seen, EB Advance seems like the more expensive version of the previous brand. And basing from these EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks, the quality is a lot better, too. I’ve had a number of Ever Bilena lipsticks as a newbie in makeup so I do have a reference for the comparison. Although I haven’t tried their other products, I’m quite impressed with the improvement. πŸ™‚
The all-new  EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks comes in a white, bullet-like plastic tube. The packaging as a whole is reminiscent of the famous MAC Lipsticks–same shape, same size but the material is flimsier. It feels fragile, too, like it might break easily when placed in a crowded makeup bag. 
But then again, for only a Php195 a piece, it’s pretty decent. The packaging looks clean and simple.  πŸ™‚
Marilyn a medium red shade with a tinge of blue undertone. I like how easy it is to wear and how it makes my teeth look whiter. πŸ™‚
Jackie O is a lot like Pink Punch (last lipstick below) but a bit darker. And of course, the finish is also different. It’s basically a medium pink shade that gives a healthy sheen finish. The color from the lipstick bullet is rather misleading. You wouldn’t know it’s actually a pink shade unless you swatch it.
Audrey is a girly, peachy pink shade that is very youthful. It’s something I’d wear on a daily basis.
Red Twilight is a red shade with slight coral hue. A nice matte red that would be great for those who are just trying out red lipsticks for the first time. Believe me, this shade is a lot lighter than what it appears on the bullet.  It is very forgiving shade and not at all intimidating.
Pink Punch is Barbie pink shade with blue undertone. It’s not as pigmented as the other shades so I always feel the need to keep layering on more just to the vibrancy that I want.
Majority of the shades look similar on the tube but the color differs when swatched. The names are pretty cool, too, unfortunately, it tells you nothing about the shade of the lipstick – well, for the creme range, at least. The matte range is more aptly named.
Creme. They have decent color payoff and gives a nice sheen finish. It last for about 3 hours without eating, after which the color starts to fade. It applies on smoothly on the lips, too. Glides on like a dream!
Matte. The shades are more opaque but the lipstick itself is hard. So much so that the lipstick bullet broke off as I was trying to layer on the color since it tends to drag on the lips just to get enough color, especially for Pink Punch. It settles on the lines of the lips, too. I’m not thoroughly impressed by these matte shades but I like that it lasts for 4 hours before it fades. Good enough for such affordable lipsticks. So yeah, still not bad.
I’m giving away 5 EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks to one lucky winner. As always, the steps are easy peasy! Just wait for the Rafflecopter widget below to load. :*
This giveaway will be open for 2 weeks starting today. It will end on July 12, and the announcement of winner will be on this same post and all my other social media pages. This is open to those with Philippine address which means that even if you’re in a different country but you know someone here, I can send it to their address. <3 That’s about it. Good luck and I’ll see you on my next post. πŸ™‚