Makeup-on-the-go? Complete set for beginners? That’s probably the concept behind this Studio clutch makeup kit from ELF. When I bought this, I was planning to give it as a gift to my cousin (remember the one who rummages through my collection every other week? Yup, that’s the one). But due to some order form mishap, I ended up getting two sets instead of just one. So for blogging purposes, I decided to use the spare one. Well, yeah.. I already paid for it. I might as well put it to good use, right? πŸ˜€
ELF Studio Makeup Clutch obviously comes in a clutch-shaped compact packaging with a drawer for the second layer. It’s thin, lightweight and a joy to carry around for it is absolutely travel-friendly! The exterior is made up of thin, not-so-sturdy black plastic material. I really like the packaging despite it being fragile because it’s sleek, stylish and easy to clean – unlike those with rubber/velvet exterior that have the tendency to look dirty and are easily stained. It lock securely too!
When opened, a layer of eyeshadows will immediately present itself. Tadaaa! It contains 32 eyeshadows, 3 dual-ended sponge-tip applicators and a mirror. The pans are about half the size of a grown man’s thumb which contains a lot of product, actually. The next layer needs to be slipped out. The 2nd layer comes with a bronzer, 2 dolly pink blushes, a face shimmer, 6 lip glosses, an eyebrow gel and a matching eyebrow powder. I personally think that the layering from top to bottom is the build up to a disappointing end. 
Read on to know more.
First Layer: 

 As expected from ELF eyeshadows, more than 90% of the 32 shades are highly pigmented and very vibrant regardless of whether they’re used whet or dry. They aren’t scratchy nor irritating to the eyes which is a major plus for me. πŸ™‚ However, I noticed a bit of  fallouts from the shimmer shades like the electric blue shade on the 5th row – this can be remedied by dampening the brush prior usage and applying the product with patting instead of the typical swiping motion. The color payoff is great and it will remain as such with minimal fading throughout the day provided that a decent eyelid primer is used.


1st row is composed mainly of highlighter shades while both the 2nd and 3rd rows are neutral, earth-tone shades that are great for “everyday looks”. Although You might want to tone down the shimmer a bit for corporate functions. On the 4th row are green and yellow-ish shades. Most of the shades are either shimmery or frosted; there are obviously only few matte shade.

Bright and playful shades, you say? 5th row it is! This prolly is my favorite row of all. The first 3 shades from this row are to die for.. The color payoff is just amazing for a budget-friendly brand! 6th and 7th row have gradient bone to purple to deep plum shades. As you can see from the photo above, the 3rd shade from the 7th row has absolutely no more juice in it. I dunno how or why but it looks like that shade is, well, too dry? Let the darkness roll out on the last row of eyeshadows, the 1st shade reminds me so much of the shade Gun Metal from the Sleek iDivine Palette in Bad Girl (Read review HERE). As for the rest of the shades, I think they’re reaching the end of their time. :/
Second Layer:
Where do I begin? Let’s start from tom to bottom, left to right. 
After falling inlove with ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo in St. Lucia (Read review HERE), I seriously had high hopes for the bronzer included in this set. Unfortunately, just from the looks of the swatch below, it’s apparent that the bronzer lacks pigmentation. It’s too light to be used for contouring too. The blushes are pretty decent but they don’t stay on for longer than 2 hours. Also, fallouts are significant. Only good thing about the blushes and the bronzer is that they feel soft (not granulated) against the skin and they didn’t cause breakout. Other than that, they’re plain blah.
The eyebrow products are alright though. They have nice color payoff – especially the gel – and they’re fairly easy to use. The brow gel goes on smoothly and the brow powder does great in setting the gel. The brow gel alone looks too dark so the brow powder goes han-in-hand in making the brows look subtle, natural-looking and long-lasting. Nice combo but, still, I’ve tried better brow products than this.
Lastly, the face shimmer and the lip glosses. Oh dear me, I wish I could say something good about them but they’re impossible to use! They’re both like oil but in solid form as they offer absolutely no color whatsoever! Imagine a white, flavorless lip balm swatched at the back of your hand, that’s pretty much what the face shimmer and lip glosses look like – sheer, transparent film of oil that looks super greasy! I doubt if anyone would use it. Hands down, this is the worst part of the entire kit.
Overall, the superb color payoff of the majority of the eyeshadows cannot outweigh the drag brought by the glosses and the face shimmer. The E/S simply isn’t enough for me to keep this kit. I got so disappointed that I almost instantly gave it to my other cousin who’s just starting out with makeup. I figured this would at least be worth something to her. I think, considering the price, this would be a great kit to begin experimenting makeup looks with but for someone with a handful of palettes, letting go of this kit is not even a loss.
So yeah, this is a complete and utter letdown on my part. I honestly wish that this was an isolated case… that something was wrong with my clutch/kit and that not all kits are like this. I guess this puts an end to my ELF rave review streak. *sob I really wanted to like this. πŸ™
Have you tried using ELF Studio Makeup Clutch?
Is it the same as this one? I’d love to hear your input on this.
Comment them down below and I’ll see you on my next post. Good night! πŸ˜€