Can I start off by saying that this BB cream maybe the best BB cream I’ve tried so far? I guess that kinda defeats the whole purpose of the lengthy detailed review I’m about to make but as I sit here trying to start this, that’s all I can think of the product.
I’ve had my fair share of the BB cream madness. Etude House, SkinFood, Neutrogena, EnCorre… you name it, I’ve probably tried it. BB Creams are a staple product in my daily makeup routine simply because it eliminates the need of slathering layers of sunblock, foundation and, in some extent where the BB cream offers a medium to heavy coverage, even concealers.  It‘s a hefty little product that does the function of the 3 enumerated above. Who wouldn’t want that, right?
And hey, if you stick around ‘til the end of this post, you’ll know how and when to get yours for FREE too.
So let’s start with the review.
EnCara BB Cream is a Korean-made BB cream that is housed in a sleek rubbery black tube that looks very simple yet professional as opposed to the normal BB cream from Etude House and SkinFood that are very girly. And unlike other rubbery containers, this one is not a dirt/dust magnet.It has a nozzle (refer to the photo below)that lets you control the amount of product you dispense.
It offers a medium to heavy coverage so you can expect it to have a thick consistency. Though blending won’t be a problem if you prepped your skin with moisturizer.
My usual problem with the BB creams I tried before is that even only one or two layers of the product, it tends to give a gray-ish, almost white, cast which makes me look like I;m wearing a mask. But with EnCara BB Cream, I can put as much layer as I want without the fear of looking like a ghost as long as I set it with powder properly.
TIP:Use loose powder in setting the BB cream since loose powder tends to dissolve with the BB cream making your look more natural.

It doesn’t cause any breakouts nor does it have any funky/irritating smell. The best part is Aila sells it for a fraction of the normal price. Php 499 instead of Php999 for the full-sized 50g tube!
I keep jogging my head for any small detail about the product that I can list down as a CON but there’s literally nothing – well that’s a first. I just love it to bits.
Aila of Makeup and My World also handed me 2 more FULL SIZED tube for our upcoming collab giveaway with 4 more other bloggers. It’s gonna be HUGE so keep yourselves updated by frequently visiting this blog. Target launching date for the giveaway is Sept. 17. *excited

Are you excited for the giveaway?
I know I am! 🙂