My first thought after seeing my new pair of contact lenses from Dull to Doll, “Finally, BROWN lenses!”
I’ve expressed time and again how much I love brown contact lenses. Looks like my lens fairy heard my wish and willingly granted it. Thanks, Valerie!

Even with the use of very minimal products for my every day makeup routine, it never fails to give me a better feeling and sureness about myself. As if I can face whatever the entire day throw at me (May it be a surprise reporting in front of the class or a room-to-room org campaign) head on! Like makeup, colored contact lenses give me instant confidence boost. It makes me stand out from the crowd in a nice way without looking overly done. Kudos to whoever invented colored lenses!
Brand: EOS (Cookie Series)
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% – 42%
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Duration: 1 year disposable

Compared to the first two pair of contact lenses I reviewed (Read more HERE and HEREfrom Dull to Doll, this one is slightly harder to put on. Plus, it dries out relatively faster so I need to bring along my handy dandy eye drops whenever I wear this.
But other than those minor issues that are fairly easy to solve, there’s no valid reason to say no to this pair. I didn’t experience any obstruction from my vision or blurriness. There was no itchiness either. Nor was there any other source of discomfort that can’t be solved by a drop or two every 4 hours or so.
Come to think of it, dryness occurs naturally when you’re wearing lenses. I think it is a sign that your eyes need to rest. As advised by an ophthalmologist, I shouldn’t wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours for it strains my eyes. The same goes for anyone who’s reading this! Take care of your eyes, lovelies.

Whenever I hear the term “Bambi Eyes”, my brain immediately makes this connection which reminds me of the cartoon dear named Bambi with these pair of soft dough eyes. Honestly, this got me a bit hesitant about the pair. Like I said on my previous lens reviews, I’m not a fan of huge dolly eyes mostly because majority of the pictures I’ve seen of those lenses make the person wearing it look very awkward and creepy. And believe me; I have no plans of looking like a ghostly doll from a horror story!
Fortunately, this pair isn’t that big and dolly. It looks bigger than my pupils, yes. But the few millimeter difference in size is tolerable and it attracts just the right amount of emphasis to my eyes.*bats lashes LOL!


With clothes, I’d say mycomfort zone would be along the lines of skinny jeans, a flattering fitted shirt, and a pair of flip flops or wedges. But when it comes to contact lenses, I’d answer BROWN in a heartbeat. The design doesn’t have much bearing for me though. As long as it looks attractive and eye catching without looking very obvious. This pair does exactly that! It highlights my eyes the way I want it for both day and night look as it looks very natural.
Overall, I’d say this is my favorite pair I received so far. I love the color, design and even the size! The minor problems I encountered with this pair are not enough to keep me away from the pair. LOL!I’d give this pair two thumbs up as it makes me feel pretty and help me boost my confidence.
So what’s your color comfort zone for contact lenses?
I hope it makes you feel effortlessly prettier just like how this pair makes me feel.
Oh by the way, I’ll be including two pairs of lovely contact lenses on my next giveaway Sponsored by Dull to Doll of course! Just to make 2 more girls feel as confident as I do with this pair. *hugs