I promised you there was going to be a back-to-back contact lens review, didn’t I? Are you ready for the next one? The previous pair I reviewed was a very subtle brown pair (Read review HERE) and as expected, this next one would be the exact opposite. I remember my boyfriend telling me that I look like a reptile while taking my pictures for this particular post. >.< I’m sorry but he often gets lost in words. Probably due to the lack for a better term but.. reptile, seriously? HAHA! Believe me, it’s not half as bad as he described it. πŸ˜€
Brand: EOS
Water content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Duration: 1 year disposable
This is not the pair I’d normally wear given how bright and vibrant the color is but I do admit that it is very pretty. It has black outer rim but since the color isn’t solid, the blackness isn’t as dark when worn. The gray part is pixilated and it gradates from the outer rim going towards the yellow rim that boarders the center. The gray and yellow are very bold – both when worn and on the case alone. But since the gray part is, like I said, pixilated, it allows the natural color of the eyes to pick through and tone it down a bit.

Although not wearable for everyday use, I think the combination of the color and design is just perfect. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing when worn. It has the ability to overpower or wash you out but when used with the right look, it would be epic. I personally like this seductive gray pair with intense dark smokey eye makeup, a bit of contour and nude lips. Imagine it. Drop dead gorgeous!

I’m beginning to think that the size that best fits me would be 14.5 mm because of this pair. Because of the pixilated outer rim, it doesn’t look bold and big. And if you would look closely at the last picture, you’ll notice that it covers my pupil just right. Plus, it’s so thin that it is as if I’m not wearing lenses at all!
When I use a new pair for the first time, my eyes usually get irritated and red at first – this pair is no exception. But after thoroughly rinsing it with my handy solution, the discomfort went away. From then on, there wasn’t any case of redness, irritation or discomfort. No blurry vision as well. I can stay for as long as 10 hours wearing this without it feeling dry or itchy. It’s definitely comfortable to wear.
What EOS G-322 (Gray) looks like when worn:
I don’t know about you but I really think it looks gorgeous. You just have to know how to make it work for you. *wink! I honestly don’t know where my boyfriend got the “reptile” thingy. Ask me how I’d describe this and and I’ll automatically answer: its sultry, mesmerizing and over-the-top sexy. So tell me, which pair did you like better? Dark Ice II in Brown (Read review HERE) or this? πŸ™‚
Price: Php 450 
Available at: Dull to Doll
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