Yes, another perfume review. I’m trying to find my signature smell so let me be. LOL!
Anyway, I got these Escada perfumes in beautifully crafted bottles mid last year. But
like I said before, I was never really into perfumes until late last year.
Needless to say, I have a stock pile of perfumes waiting to be reviewed in my
drawer. So please bear with me as I try to enhance my barely-there skill in
describing smell. 🙂 Though I don’t want to describe them in a very literary
way that makes it vaguer than it should be just to make me sound smart and
deep. LOL! I’m trying to prepare for when our package arrives from Aussie, I’ll be
buried under tons of perfumes (they’re cheaper there) ‘coz my cousin wants me to
do a review on them.

What can I say about the packaging? Let me put it this way,
Escada EDT together with Philippe Romano came up with these ombre packaging in 2006 – waaaay before ombre
hair and nails were cool. LOL! The
bottles are slim, detailed and very attractive. Both color combinations for each
bottles really compliment each other well and are easy on the eyes. The entire
packaging for these 18mL samples are also lighter than other perfume bottles with
the same volume but it feels like it’s because the glass is thinner. Thus,
easier to break if you’re careless with it.
If I’m not mistaken, I think I received around 5 or 7 18mL
sample bottles of Escada EDT of these variants – 3 or 4 of Pacific Paradise and the
rest are Rockin’ Rio.
 Actually, I’m still using my Lacoste Pink so I seldom use these.

Escada says…
“Pacific Paradise Perfume by Escada, This sexy fragrance was created by escada, in 2006. Its amazing scent includes a mixture of lime, dried victoria apple, coconut sorbet, sugar candy, banana flower, hawaiian salt blossom, sandalwood, powdery musk, and amber crystals.”
I say…

This one, I like! The color scheme, the smell and everything
else about it screams sophisticated and mature – but not the 50’s kind of old!
I’m talking about early 20’s when you’re transitioning to young adulthood from
teenager. Definitely me! It comes off sweet and fruity at first sniff but after a while, it becomes sexy and irresistible as the smell of amber and a tinge of musk surfaces more. I personally find Pacific Paradise very flexible since it is appropriate for any given event – though some might be turned off by complete sweetness.
 The only issue I have with this is its staying power. I noticed that the scent could only last for about three hours or even less and then it’s completely gone. I sure hope they can make the smell stick much longer than that. I don’t know about you but if I’m paying $12 for 18mL, I would want the smell to stay on for at least 6 hours.

Escada says…
“Escada Rockin’rio Perfume by Escada, Escada’s rockin’ rio is a fun, seductive aroma that brings you the warmth of the sun to your skin. Escada’s newest fragrance that is timeless summer fun, rockin’ rio is a blend of fruits such as tangerine, pineapple, pina colada, sugar cane, peach. With a blend of citrus and tropical flowers, escada rockin’ rio is an exciting daytime fragrance for any woman.”
I say…

Several bottles of these ended up with my sister mostly
because I prefer the blue and pink color combo of Pacific Paradise. Also, it
does smell tad sweeter than the former. It is obviously targeting the younger
market.  Knowing that it is patterned from tropical cocktail mixes, expect Rockin’ Rio to smell super sweet, girly and upbeat. But for someone who likes to drink, I honestly didn’t smell the light rum at all! All I can smell is the blast of tutti fruity fragrance that follows the spray. 🙂
Rockin’ Rio, in terms of staying power, is very disappointing though. The smell lingers on for only an hour or so. Cheap colognes could last longer than that! 🙁
From Escada’s descriptions, you’d already know that both Pacific Paradise and Rockin’ Rio have a sweet and tropical fruity smell to them but don’t worry, you won’t notice any distinct banana, coconut or any other fruit smell for that matter. All the fruits (known and unknown to me) combined exceptionally compliment each other in a way that you almost wouldn’t identify which is which. 🙂
How about you, what’s your current favorite smell?
As for me, I’ll have to stick to these and my Lacoste Pink while I wait for my Elizabeth Arden Tea Tree Perfume. 😉

P.S I have an authentic and unused 100mL Lancome Perfume in Poeme that I want to sell simply because the smell is so not me. Anyway, retail price in US is $98 but I’ll be selling it for less than that. If you’re interested, please send me a message. Check it HERE.