This palette comes with 6 matte eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a More Than Mascara mascara, 1 compact press powder, a sponge for the powder, a small blush brush and 3 eyeshadow sponge-tip applicators.
I think I misplaced the sponge and applicators since I always remove them from the palette. That’s ok, I find them useless anyway. LOL!
The top layer contains the eyeshadows and the powder.
On the left side, neutral colors while the right side has more playful colors. I think the idea was that the left side can create a brown smokey eyes and the right can do a purple smokey eye.
The bottom layer looks like this.
The 2 blushes, one in baby pink and the other one in a coral, almost orange, shade. 
I loved the mascara but it dries up fast. Good thing I have a spare Estee Lauder More Than Mascara mascara. J

– I love the concept of a complete palette! If you’re lucky enough to have the powder match your skin, you have all you need to create a look in one small palette.
– Very compact. It can fit in an average working woman’s bag but not in a party/event clutch bag.
– More Than Mascara mascara is one of my favorites. It really lengthens the lashes.
The blushes have great colors. You can go from subtle coral cheeks to very girly pink.


– The applicators are pretty much useless.
– The sponge crumbles every time I used it.
– The blush brush is rough on the skin.
– Mascara dries up after few months.
– The eyeshadows are chalky which makes it hard to blend.
– Powder was not the same color as my skintone. Such a waste! I don’t think powder in a palette is such a great idea. It’s already hard to find a palette with the right combination of eye shadows, but to find a palette with also a powder that matches your skin? Now that’s difficult.
Buy Again? No. I hate to see the powder and applicators go to waste. 
My Verdict: 2/5