Other than the sole purpose of blogging about it, the main reason why I keep trying out new skincare products even after finding “the one” is because as we age, our skin changes. I remember when I started blogging, I had insanely dry skin and now it’s oily on some parts so the products that worked for me before stopped doing wonders for my skin at some point. It could be because my skin matured or have grown immune from the product’s active ingredients that once were my holy grail. Needless to say, I have to continue looking for new products. 
Product Description: 
(Taken from www.macys.com)
This Creme for Normal/Combination Skin is lightweight and silky, with just the right balance of richness and refreshment. Revitalizing Bio-Water floods skin with lasting moisture. Encapsulated Moisture Cells plump skin to help erase fine, dry lines within seconds. Advanced Skin Clarifying Technology creates a more even, vibrant, flawless look overall. Discolorations appear dramatically reduced. Skin is guaranteed to glow with a beautiful, healthy vitality.
The one I have right here is just the travel version but like the actual-sized product ($50+) itself, it comes in a sturdy blue glass jar with a reflective gold screw-lid top to cover it securely. The overall packaging is extremely lightweight but don’t be fooled for it is still incredibly sturdy – I’ve dropped it by accident several times already and still not a crack in sight. I don’t know about you but I’m totally inlove with the classy packaging.
The moisturizer itself is a rich white cream that has a faint flowery scent to it. The smell doesn’t really bother me as it is very light but if you’re sensitive to product scent, you might want to take note of that. Despite being rich in consistency, it isn’t hard to spread nor does it require a lot of tugging to even out. It goes on smoothly and effortlessly on the skin which I really like.
Although it feels light and soothing on the skin, it leaves the skin slightly greasy. It takes a while for the skin to absorb but once it does, it makes the skin look instantly refreshed. I love how this Estee Lauder Hydra Bright Skin Perfecting Moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated, supple and glowing immediately after I use it. In other products, I have to wait for the morning after when I wash my face to see the glow but with this one, I’m not afraid to camwhore before hitting the sack. LOL! I just love how soft my skin is after using this. But if you’re after the skin lightening effects, I’m sorry to say that this product didn’t do much for me in that department.
TIP: If you layer on multiple skincare products like me, allow the skin to absorb the moisturizer for a good 5-10 minutes before moving on to spot treatments like eye creams and pimple ointments. Also, this is great in prepping the skin before makeup applicationespecially when you plan to use products that are thick in consistency – I particularly like this with my Celeteque BB Cream as this allows the latter to glide on smoothly.
If you have dry to normal skin type, I would strongly suggest you try this product. I have combination oily skin and I use this only on the dry areas like my cheeks and chin. You know what, after only 3 weeks of use, I noticed the dry patches significantly decreased. However, if you have oily skin, you’d do best to stay clear of this product because it could only contribute to your skin’s oil production.
I actually liked this product so much that I couldn’t stop using it even before I took photos of it for its product review. Well, as you can see from the third photo above, I already used up more than half of the content – I don’t normally use products until I have taken pictures of them. Yes, I’m weird like that.. I know my fellow bloggers would understand. LOL!

Price: $5-15, Sample Size (I think this is a part of their GWP – Gift with Purchase)
Available at: Ebay.ph (I got mine from my tita ninang in NY)
Have you tried this before? What do you think?
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