Argh! I almost forgot about my draft posts. I’ve had them for ages and I can’t believe I spaced out so long that I wasn’t able to proofread them, let alone publish them. I guess it’s still better late than never. P.S the following photos were taken by my old camera hence the gritty texture.
Even with all my skin problems, I’m thankful that large, visible pores aren’t one of them. But then again, I can never be too careful so I make it to a point to use pore minimizing products every once in a while – one stable product on my skincare regiment, though, would have to be a good skin lightening product since I’m very prone to hyper pigmentation often caused by pimple marks but that’s a whole different story. Let’s talk more about pores first. πŸ™‚
Product Description:
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Get dramatic skin resurfacing benefits faster, more efficiently than ever before. See more highly refined, virtually poreless skin as remarkable Pore Diminishing Technology significantly shrinks the look of enlarged pores. Enjoy more clarity, smoothness and luminosity as it helps free your skin from dry, dulling, flaky skin cells. This is the skin you want. Feel it. See it. Have it now, with Idealist.
EL Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher comes in a luxurious square bottle with matching gold pump and cap. The bottle itself is made of thick glass so you could just imagine how bulky and heavy it can be. I have to give the glass material due credit because it’s incredibly thick and sturdy – my heart stopped when I dropped the bottle once.. thank goodness it didn’t shatter to insanely overpriced pieces of glass with what used to be an HG product. HAHA!
I understand how the product name could cause confusion to some. Heck, is it a serum, a moisturizer or a toner? I judged it based on the texture and consistency of the product – it’s a lightweight, cream-like serum so “toner” is definitely out of the choices. It’s thicker than regular serums but a tad lighter than creams. I’m impressed by how easily my skin can absorb it. And with the tiny, barely-there granules that act as pore-fillers, it leaves a silky smooth canvass for makeup application – BB creams just glide on like butter on a pan! <3. It is as if the small particles cover the pores to create the flat, flawless surface. Am I making sense? :)) Even if I’m not, just know that I very much appreciate the fresh it gives – semi-matte without a trace of grease or oiliness.
Aside from its immediate results, it actually helps minimize pores or in some cases, it even lessens the appearance of pores. Again, it is not immediate nor drastic but little by little, the effects can be seen. I think it took me 3-4 months before I noticed that the pores on my right cheek really did improve.

If you are troubled with large pores which usually is the case for acne-prone, oily skin, this would be a great investment. I’m not gonna lie, it comes with a price tag that I don’t usually go for but it’s really effective. Yes, I would definitely vouch for this product – one of the most effective pore-minimizing products I’ve tried so far. πŸ˜€

As much as I want to show you how it truly works on the skin, my camera can’t focus on my pores. *facepalm!* You see, I have combination skin so I don’t really have enlarged pores like those with typical oily skin. The pores around my cheek area are seemingly too small to capture on photos – not that I have good skin or anything. Despite the obvious lack in before-and-after photos, I hope this review was helpful.
Price: USD82
Available at: Macy’s, Estee Lauder Counters &

Have you tried this before? What do you think?
Let me know if we share the same sentiments by commenting down below. πŸ˜‰