During my internship days, I rarely had the time to do my complete makeup in the morning – that’s when mascara became a dear friend of mine.. well, next to concealer of course. You know how the morning traffic around Ayala can be, right? So that gives me 15-20 minutes tops to make myself look presentable. So throughout my internship, I vowed to try as many mascaras as I possibly can. My ultimate goal was to find the one that would be quick to use and could withstand the long office hours. I wouldn’t dare overwhelm you with them all at once.. maybe 3 or so per week? ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll see.
Product Description:
(Taken from us.strawberrynet.com)
Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara (8ml/0.28oz) contains VolumAire formula that gives weightless volume. Wraps every single lash without clumping. ProDefinition Brush draws out even tiny lashes precisely. With hollow fibers to hold mascara plus solid rigid fibers to comb through & separate. Pearl pigments color lashes for a lustrous, healthy look. Leaves you a thicker, longer, more defines lashes for beautiful eyes.
Let’s begin with Estee Lauder Perfectionist High Definition Volume Mascara. This used to be my Holy Grail mascara back in high school simply because I didn’t have much to compare it to. Now, as you can guess, it has a very different field to conquer given my makeup stash. It’s not bad or anything; it’s just not as amazing as I thought it was when I was younger. Okay, I’m making it sound a lot less promising than it really is.

Going back, this tube right here is actually my 3rd or 4th tube already. I’m guessing it’s just a deluxe sample that comes as GWP or something because this always comes in miniature sets. Anyway, I like the classy blue and gold packaging. It’s very nifty and it doesn’t take a lot of space in my kit and great for retouching – not that you’ll need a lot. I also like how the writings around the tube aren’t easily scratched off.

One thing I really love about this is the wand. There’s nothing fancy about neither the bristles nor the length of the wand. I like it just how it becomes narrower towards tip making it easy to apply mascara on the corner lashes and on my non-existent bottom lashes. It isn’t as messy as other broad-wanded mascaras!
Here’s Estee Lauder Perfectionist High Definition Volume Mascara in action.
Click photo to enlarge. ๐Ÿ™‚
The formula, for me, is just right – it’s not too dry so there’s minimal flaking; yet it isn’t too runny so as avoid smudging. It effectively volumizes the lashes making it look lush and full. It’s also buildable to achieve longer looking lashes but it has the tendency to create clumps when more than 3 layers are applied. Also, it isn’t completely sweat- and water-proof. My eyes usually tear up due to smoke and dirt and I notice that the mascara on my lower lashes smudges whenever that happens. Nothing major, though. It stays on for hours but not as budge-proof as I want it to be. Who am I to complain? At least I don’t go home looking like a freakin’ raccoon. HAHA. It’s nice and totally workable but it still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to its staying power. But hey, at least it’s easy to remove! ๐Ÿ™‚
Price: USD 32.5 (Full Size)
Available at: Estee Lauder Counters and Strawberrynet.com