I will stop you right here. This a REVIEW, not a tutorial. There are tons of tutorials available for Etude House Bubble Hair Color. What I will blog about is the result, ok?. 🙂
With all that said, I used Etude House Bubble Hair Color in 02 Dark Brown.
Ideally, this is what the color would look like after 30 minutes.
I left it on my hair for about 45 minutes to make sure the color is absorbed by my thick hair.
(This picture is taken right before I bought the Etude House Bubble Hair Color)

See the ends of my hair?


– It really did color my hair.. and I love the result.
– Very affordable. Php 375.
– Fun to use and super unique. 🙂
– Doesn’t have the annoying chemical/ammonia smell.

– Look at the picture. It dried out the ends of my hair like hell. :/
– It hard to find. Its always OOS.
Buy Again? No. I love the color.. but split ends? Not worth it.
My Verdict: 2/5