If you asked me 2-3 months ago what my skin type is, I would blankly answer, “DRY”. My skin had always felt tight/stretched after I washing. But due the intense heat last summer combined with the range of skincare products that I tried, my skin changed. It became oily in some parts (chin, nose bridge and forehead to be exact) and dry on remaining parts. I now have COMBINATION skin type. 
From what I have read in books and magazines, this is the most hassle skin type since you have to use skincare products for both oily and dry skin. Example: In my case, I have to use oil-free or water-based products on the oily parts and oil-based on the dry part to cater to both kind of skin types.
So when I saw this while shopping at Etude House SM Southmall branch, I knew I had to give it a try since it promises to moisturize the skin as it prevents oiliness. 
The liquid mist inside the bottle has suspended fine powder. So if left sitting for hours, the fine powder settles down at the bottom of the bottle. If that happens, don’t forget to shake it well before spraying it on your face to mix the powder with the mist.

“Facial mist moistens complexion and subdues oily shine for improved foundation coverage and longevity”

– The packaging is cute and handy. It has a very retro feel to it because of the size and the curves on the sides.
– It is very refreshing! After spraying there is a bit of a cooling sensation.
– There is no funky smell and it didn’t cause any breakouts.
– It is very affordable. (Php 298)
– As I observed, my face did get less oily during the middle of the day. Usually during the afternoon, my chin and the bridge of my nose gets a bit oily due to heat. But with this, the shine caused by the oiliness is almost unnoticeable.
– In terms of foundation coverage and longevity, it didn’t quite measure up to its promise. My makeup stayed on an average of 4-5 hours like usual even when I used this mist.
Buy Again? I love this as a mist. But for the purpose of making my makeup stay longer, no.
My Verdict: 4/5