Don’t you just hate it when your entire makeup look is already perfect and all you need is the thin line to polish the look and then the liner decides to smudge, transfer or run thus ruining everything? Ugh! I know both makeup newbies and eyeliner lovers can relate to this. I’ve been using eyeliners ever since high school but until now, I still get liner boo-boos every once in a while. Good thing I discovered Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick.
Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick – whew! what a mouthful LOL! – comes in a pastel pink and blue box that is very girly.. just like all other products from the well-known Korean brand. Inside the box is a marker-like tube with click-thingy at the bottom to expose more of the tube content. Now the inner most part of that marker is, in essence, the remover itself. The stick is chubby, transparent and slightly waxy – a lot like a glue stick but tad softer, of course. The whole marker is very light and slim so it fits perfectly in any makeup pouch. It is, without a doubt, very handy and useful!

When applied, it feels extremely waxy but not at all heavy. It glides on effortlessly so no tugging is really required. I don’t know how exactly to describe it but basically, it’s like applying a clear, flavorless lip balm on your lids. That may sound bothersome but since you won’t really leave it there for long, it doesn’t really matter. Plus, it doesn’t sting the eyes.
TIP: If you make a slight boo-boo while lining your eyes, put a small amount of the remover on a q-tip and remove the boo-boo using only the end of the q-tip. Don’t use the Liner Remover Stick directly on the lids as the stick tends to pick up some of the color and transfer it to whatever it comes into next. Thus creating an even bigger mess.

Now let’s put Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick to the test,

As you can see, Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick was able to remove the Peripera Very Nice Eyeliner swatches in a single swipe of a tissue paper. It’s fast, easy and the skin are didn’t feel tugged at all. Mind you, this liner claims to be smudge- and water-proof.

Overall, I’d say that Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick is really an essential product to have in one’s kit especially for those who like experimenting with liners. It’s definitely a steal given its price and how efficient it is. This will surely come in handy when I start swatching all the liners I got from HBC Beauty. <3

Price: Php 148
Available at: Etude House
This could be what stands between the perfect winged liner look and the nasty raccoon eyes. LOL!
Yeah, EH Eraser Show Line Remover Stick easily made its way to my monthly fave list. πŸ™‚

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