Bathing in milk has been a popular beauty regimen throughout history. Great women from the past like Cleopatra and Poppaea Sabina, Emperor Nero’s second wife, are just few of the elites who were written down in history as fans of the luxurious bath. Milk bath is said to keep the skin soft, radiant and wrinkle-free all thanks to its natural AHA content. You can see how skincare and beauty is part of every woman no matter the century they live in. It’s in our DNA! Haha. However, bathing or even washing your face with pure milk is a luxury not everyone can afford. Good thing Etude House came up with an affordable solution in the form of this new Milky You Baby Milk Water.
Product Description:
Milky You Baby Milk Water. This gentle Milk Water cleans up the complexion for soft and moist baby skin. After facial cleansing, mix 2L of rinsing water with 10mL~20mL Milk Water. Rinse face with water-mixed Milk Water and finish off with rinsing with clean water.

The packaging is very simple; Milky You Baby Milk Water comes is a transparent white bottle made of thick plastic. There’s nothing special about the dispenser, too — just your regular bottle cap with a small opening. I appreciate how the manufacturing date is printed at the bottom especially since I like hoarding products. This way I could accurately monitor its expiration date. Also, product details and instructions are translated in English. How’s that for product globalization? Haha.
You’d see that the product actually separates into two parts: the clear water-like liquid and some sort of milk powder at the bottom. That said, it is important to really shake the bottle well before pouring it out. Although from what I’ve noticed, the powder doesn’t dissolve completely no matter how much I shake it. The contents of the bottle becomes thicker, as expected, after shaking but there are still tiny powder particles mixed with the solution (photo below). Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell like milk.. come to think of it, it’s almost scentless. However, I do love the feeling as though I am washing my face with milk. 
I’ve been using my Etude House Milky You Baby Milk Water twice a week for almost 2 months now and I’m about to finish the entire bottle. The instructions didn’t indicate how often this should be used so I just use it whenever my skin is feeling a bit dry and dull. I’ll tell you one thing, it is indeed very refreshing to use and, it makes my skin soft and supple after a few weeks. It gives my skin a certain freshness and glow to it, too. But ultimately, does nothing anything beyond that. But with my current skin condition, I guess that’s good enough for me — something that’s easy and fun to use and, at the same time, alleviates signs of stress. đŸ™‚
I would probably recommend this to those already have good skin to begin with. If you’re not troubled with acne and you just want to lessen skin dullness, this one is for you. It’s very relaxing and soothing to use. Plus if you’re a fan of Korean Dramas about old times, I’m sure you’d find this pretty interesting.
Price: Php 548
Available at: Etude House Branches

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