Few days ago, I posted about the only eyelash petticoat I’ve used for almost 2 years. (Read about my Origins Underwear for Mascara here) But since my last minute shopping for the Etude House PlayHouse 2012 tickets, I found a new eyelash petticoat to love. 
I still love my Origins Underwear for Mascara but let’s face it, I have no idea where to get it here in the Philippines. I was really desperate to find an alternative since I’m nearing the end of my last Origins tube. So when I saw this on one of Etude House’s shelf, I was tempted to hoard atleast 3 tubes just in case they decide to discontinue this product. LOL!
Like what I said before, I’m not really into fake lashes because they tend to look unnatural and fake. That’s why I use a “petticoat” before applying mascara to make my barely-there lashes thicker and longer without looking fake. “Petticoat” is just like a mascara but its color white and it adds length and volume to the lashes. And this petticoat really does the job!
Almost the same bristles as my Origins Underwear for Mascara.
Now to see how it works. 
Without anything.

With Etude House Oh~ m’ Eye Lash Petticoat.
See the white-thingy at the ends of the lashes?
Lastly, with Etude House Oh~ m’ Eye Lash Petticoat and Eyes by Design Volumizing Mascara. 

(Read Eyes by Design Volumizing Mascara review here)
By the way, the eyes on the pictures was my sister’s coz I can’t take pictures of my own lashes. 😉

– It makes the lashes look longer but still defined.
– It’s very affordable (Php 128) and easy to find.
– It doesn’t look fake.
– It doesn’t smudge or run easily but not hard to remove with makeup remover.
– It can be used everyday to school. Very easy to apply and it dries up fast.
–  It doesn’t clump up.
– Most importantly, it doesn’t irritate the eyes.
– It doesn’t really make the lashes as thick as I want it to be.
Buy Again? Yes! Etude House Management, please never discontinue this product. Please! 🙂
My Verdict: 5/5!