Being a beauty blogger, I get a lot of questions from both readers and personal friends about makeup. And the most asked questions usually revolve around basic makeup for those who are just starting to explore makeup as well as product recommendations. For me, I think one of the best products to warm up with then you’re trying to learn basic makeup for everyday personal use would be BB creams. They’re a no brainer – convenient, affordable, faster application, more room for error and just generally easier to use.

Korean brands are obviously known of BB creams and one of the most popular in the Philippines would have to be Etude House. Well, with their cutesy designs and girly packaging, I’m not surprised at all. 😉

 Product Description:
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation SPF 40/PA+++ (30g)
Revolutionary Formula BB dation, a new revolutionary face make-up product that combines the perfect seamless fitting of BB Cream and luminous coverage of Foundation, its formula contains mineral powder coated with Hydro Essence Gel that nourishes and brightens complexion. Application of this makeup makes skin appear healthier, smoother, and dramatically refined.
Etude House Precious Mineral BBDation comes in a durable plastic bottle with a violet pump that moderately dispenses the product. Packaging-wise, I personally prefer pump bottles over squeeze tubes and the like simply because the former is more hygienic and convenient to use. It is bulkier, of course, so it’s not ideal to carry around in my kikay kit.

This actually comes in sets – Precious Mineral BB Dation and a vibrating handset with a sponge pad for application. I’ve always wanted to try the applicator but unfortunately, I can’t buy the handset separately. I’ll have to buy another bottle of this which, in my case, is impractical given that I already have this bottle. Although seeing that this is actually a great BB Cream for everyday use, I’m sure it won’t take long for me to finish this one. I’ll just buy the entire set next time. 🙂

EH Precious Mineral BBDation is available in 3 shades but like most Korean BB Creams, the shades are usually too fair for our Filipina skintone. Knowing this, I opted to get the darkest shade there is which was #3 Honey Beige (W24). I initially thought it was way too light for my NC35 skin when I first swatched it but after careful observation, I noticed that it oxidizes after a few minutes. Oxidizing face bases commonly has negative connotation but in this case, it’s actually a good thing as it helps the BB Cream adapt to my morena skin. Plus, it has an obvious yellow undertone that pretty much matches majority of Asian skins.

In terms of consistency, this is rather thick and rich but is still surprisingly light on the face. It’s not as watery and fluid as other BB creams but not as heavy as regular foundation, if you know what I mean. It has a very faint scent that goes highly unnoticed so no worries about any pungent smells.

TIP: For a sheer and natural finish, use your clean fingers in applying the product. Also, the warmth of your fingers help breakdown the product and eventually makes spreading and evening out the product that much easier. But for better coverage, I prefer using a synthetic foundation brush or even a dense buffing brush.
EH Precious Mineral BBDation in action! (Click photo to enlarge)
Hands down, EH Precious Mineral BBDation has one of the best coverage offered by a BB cream. It is able to cover minor flaws and even out discoloration on my skin. It has the coverage of a sheer to medium foundation, IMHO. I still use a concealer for the horrendous pimple marks on my right cheek though. It also has a nice dewy finish that is common to most Korean BB creams. My T-zone has the tendency to oil up a bit during midday so setting the BB cream with a powder is not optional for me. Plus, I like a more matte finish so I just dust a little powder on after the EH Precious Mineral BBDation has set. It doesn’t have that gray-ish cast when used but given that it has high SPF content, I don’t think this would look as great with flash photography.
This BB cream combined with a decent primer and setting powder never gave me problems when it comes to excess oil build up and caking. But without an oil-controlling primer, my face becomes oily and shiny after a couple of hours. So a good primer is a must! It stays on for 5-6 hours on my combination oily skin which is more than I can ask for from my everyday BB cream. Because of its amazing staying power, I rarely need to retouch too which, in my case, is simply great because I don’t like carrying a lot of makeup in my bag.
If you’re looking for a BB cream for everyday use, I’m definitely recommending this one. Easy to use, offers nice coverage and let’s not forget, amazing staying power – I’m totally giving this a thumbs up!

Price: $14.90  (around Php 620)
Available at: KPOPTOWN