Ever wanted to look blooming even after a long stressful day? Well, that’s what this highlighter is for. It gives you that instant glow to make you look lively and less haggard. Who wouldn’t want that, right?
After learning about this highlighter and what it does, I immediately went out and bought the most talked about (and of course, locally available), the Etude House Secret Beam highlighter.

It came in 2 shades. BTW, it costs Php 478.

(photo from Etude House’s site)
This is in no. 2. If you can see, the colors in the mosaic highlighter are mostly yellow and gold which is perfect for my morena skin.

(photo from Etude House’s site)
While the one in no. 1 is more on pink, lavender and silver which is best for those with fairer complexion.

And of course, I got the one in shade no. 2.

Close up.

Don’t you just love the tiny glitters? 🙂

– With the right amount and brush, it gives my face that pseudo-glow.
– It makes my nose look a lot slimmer when used on the bridge of my nose.
– It also doubles as body shimmer when I wear clothes with low neckline. I love how my skin glistens when I put the highlighter on my collar bone.
– The glitter parts of the highlighter is quiet too big and very noticeable… not as subtle as I want it to be.
– Sometimes, my face looks oily because of the glitters.
– It kinda makes my face (especially on the cheekbone) look cake-y.
– It’s a bit powdery too.
Buy Again? No. I’ll buy MeMeMe’s Sunbeam once I finish this highlighter. Just so I can compare it with this one.
My Verdict: 3/5