Whether it’s summer or a regular school day, it doesn’t matter. I always stay up late. Mostly because I read blogs and watch different series but regardless of the reason, I still end up having huge puffy eyebags. That’s why one of the few things I can’t go out without is concealer. Well, for me, concealer is my most important step in my everyday makeup routine. Especially with my super scary eyebags. 
Like I said on my previous posts, I’ve been doing a trial and error experiment with concealers. I found one which actually works but it’s pricey. Now I’m back to look for a cheaper alternative. Can Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer be the alternative I’ve been looking for? We’ll see. 😉
Brand :  Etude House
All Skin Type
Color type : No.2 Natural Beige
Volume : 7g
Retail Price :USD 4.5
Made in Korea
(Info taken Wish Trend‘s site)
Liquid type concealer within essence.
Using filmpolymer, stick to the skin smoothly.   
Contain honey nutrition essence, keep moisture for a long time.
Excellent persistency.
Containing silicon oil that makes thin film curtain, be strong on sweat and sebum.
It has a wand applicator similar to that of a lip gloss.
Consistency is thicker than most concealers I’ve tried but it’s still relatively easy to blend.
Looks good on my hand, right? It brightens and conceals my veins nicely. Now, let’s try it on my dreadful under eye circles.
Not bad, right? 😀
Where to get it? Visit WISH TREND’s site. Click HERE.
– It offers a decent coverage.
– It does a great job in brightening dark circles.
– I love the the package. It’s handy and sturdy. Plus, it comes with an easy to use wand. I don’t have to dip my finger which is very unhygienic.
– It doesn’t settle on fine lines/crow’s feet.
– When I put on multiple layers of concealer, it tends to show a bit of a white cast on pictures.
– The coverage is a bit light for my awfully dark under eye circles. This will work best for girls with fairer complexion. 🙂
Buy Again? Not at the moment. I still have a lot of concealers to finish before buying new ones. 🙂
My Verdict: 4/5

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