They said the best relationships are built on friendship. 
With that being said, my boyfriend has become my confidant, my shopping buddy.. my bestfriend. 
Knowing how much I love makeups and that I’m currently addicted to pink lipsticks, my boyfriend got me this Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick when he went out with his friends. So sweet! <3
Don’t you just LOVE the packaging? Very kikay! 🙂
My camera has failed me yet again. Its a blur but the lipstick is in the shade PK007.
I know you’re all dying to see the swatch. So, here it is.
Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick (PK007) against my very morena (NC42) skin.
– The lipstick is very creamy.
– Very cute packaging. Its pink! Very girly.
– It has a sweet but very subtle smell.
– Just the right shade to make a statement. It is very bold but not in the good way.
– It will really look good on girls with fairer complexion. (Unless you want to look like Nikki Minaj on a daily basis)

– The formula is a bit drying.
– The shade is not for everyday look.
– Again, the shade is very very pale. In contrast with my morena skin, I look ILL.
– The shade is not as pink as it looks. Its more of a lilac-white with only a hint of pink.
TIP: Instead of swiping the lipstick directly to your lips several times, try dabbing it using your pinky  finger to tone down the pale bold color.
Buy Again? Maybe in a different shade.
My Verdict: 2/5 (Sorry Honey!)

Moral Lesson of the Story: Boyfriends are not meant to shop for lipsticks. Shoes, yes. Makeup, NO! 😉