When I buy makeup and skincare products, I usually have this mentality: “You get what you pay for” or something like, “If it’s cheap, you can’t expect it to deliver”. 
But with this particular brand, I WAS WRONG.
Normally, when I see Ever Bilena counters, I just shrug my shoulders and walk pass them. I do have some products from that brand only because when I ask my mom buy me a concealer (during my first year in college); she usually buys it when she goes to the grocery store. And the only makeup brand they have in the grocery store is Ever Bilena. (BTW, Ever Bilena is a local brand)
This particular brand really proved me wrong. 
 I got this during the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar at World trade center a few days ago. Its regular price is Php120 but because the EB booth was on sale, they only cost Php 75 each. It was so cheap I knew I had to get whatever shade is available (Amber and Opal). And I’m so glad I did!
If you haven’t read about the bazaar and my haul yet, read it here and here.
Opal is pearl white in color but since it has tiny shimmer to it, it looks more like silver. Amber, on the other hand, is a bronze color which is a perfect base for brown smokey eyes. 
(Check out my FOTD using Amber here)
Without flash, only natural light.
With flash.
Quality is not measured by a hefty price tag after all.
So much product at a very affordable!
The mousse glides right through because of its consistency and texture.
The color is very buildable.
It’s easy to apply.
It’s the perfect base to any neutral makeup because the color stays and it does not crease even under a humid weather.
Opal has just enough shimmer to it to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.
It’s highly pigmented.
Best of all, it’s a local product.
It’s a bit hard to blend when applied over a powdered face.
(Amber) When used for a day look, it has way too many glitters to it. I had to tone it done using a matte eyeshadow.
Buy Again? Yes! These eyeshadow mousses can be used in creating any look at a very cheap price. 
My Verdict: 4.5/5