This will be a rather short review because (1) I’m squeezing this in right before my drum lessons and (2) I was scared to even try it on my lips.
I have repeatedly shared my fondness in auctions. And one of the auction pages I found on Facebook was Weekend Auction. If you know how to spot a great deal, you would really love that page. But if not… let’s just say you’ll be really confused because they have authentic and Singapore-made products.
Anyway, Emaree, the owner of Weekend Auction, gave me an Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream in 508 to try (not necessarily to make a review on). And try it, I did.

It came in a uniquely sexy tube and an applicator like that of a lip gloss. What alarms me is the price. It is being sold for Php 85. Yes, that cheap. My initial thought was, nothing good can come with that price tag. But for review purposes, I swatched it.
Surprisingly, I loved the hot pink color. It glides easily and the color is very opaque and vibrant. I thought I finally found a cheap but usable product. But after a minute or two, it dries up. The texture was like an acrylic paint that dried up on a canvass!

I tried removing it with tissue papers, water and even alcohol.. but it won’t come off! I had to use a bathing scrub just to remove it. I was sacred it won’t come off when I use it on my lips so I didn’t dare try it. Plus, with that price tag, it makes me wonder what ingredients are used. :/
Buy Again? No. There’s a reason why we spend hundreds of Pesos on lipsticks. And that is to make sure that the ingredients used to produce them are safe. Even when it comes to makeups, safety first, ladies!
My Verdict: 1/5