Here’s the loot I’ve been dying to do a review on..
MAC, Eyes by Design, Origins, Skincare Sonic and my new makeup book, Face to face by Bianca Valerio. <3
BTW, most of those are gifts from my tita ninang. If ever she’s reading this, THANK YOU PO! 🙂
First up, my Eyes by Design Volumizing Mascara.
The tag says, $9.75. So roughly around Php 430. 

Again, my short and thin lashes without mascara.

With Eyes by Design Volumizing Mascara.
(Look closely. See the reflection of my sister while taking this picture? Cool!)

– It really does volumize/thickens the lashes.
– I love how black it is.. perfect for smokey eyes and any dramatic makeup looks. 🙂
– The product dries fast after applying so it doesn’t smear even when you blink right after putting it on.
– Used best with Origins’ Underwear for lashes. I’ll show you this next time. 😉 
– Its a bit messy to use because of the huge applicator.
– The product clumps up on the lashes. 
– I haven’t seen this product being sold locally.
My Verdict: 3/5