I’ve always wanted to try more home-grown brands and here’s one I got from last year’s September BDJ Box. Truth be told, I was hoping to get a black liner since that’s my go-to color whenever I line my eyes but getting brown instead was probably a blessing in disguise. I never gave it much credit but as it turns out, brown liners are better suited for everyday looks. It gives emphasis on the eyes while still keeping it soft and natural-looking. For me, brown liner is more work-appropriate; subtle but still very pretty.
Product Description: 
FS by F21 Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner. Long-wear gel eyeliner is a long-lasting, gel-based, water-proof liquid eyeliner that’s soft on the lids and rich in definition. Made in Taiwan.
F21 Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner is housed in a hefty frosted glass pot with black screw-lid top. It also came with its own angled liner brush. I like how slim and light the pot was, and the fact that the mini brush that it came with was actually usable; more often than not, free brushes and applicators suck. But this one is rather nice – the bristles are soft that it doesn’t feel rough on the skin but still stiff enough to create straight lines with.
For a gel liner, this is surprisingly soft. My brush sunk a quarter of the pot deep on the first time I used it. It almost felt like a cream or mousse given how soft it is. That said, it glides on effortlessly without dragging the lids. Application is very easy, too. Just the free brush alone enables me to experiment with different thickness; imagine what I can do with better quality or narrower brushes! Plus, the color payoff of this little thing is amazing considering its price tag. I get rich color in every swipe! It isn’t streaky or uneven at all. I am very very impressed.
Like I said, my brush sunk when I first dipped it in the pot and got too much product so I decided to swatch it with varying thickness. I didn’t seem like it was drying up so I decided to let it sit for 5-7 minutes while I do other stuff. When I finally thought that it was dry, I started testing its longevity under different instances.

Rub Test. With just one forceful swipe using my thumb, the pigment follows. There’s absolutely no holding power on its own! Water Test. The color is still a mess but as you can see, it doesn’t bleed or run down with the water. I guess this F21 Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner can withstand sweating but not rubbing. Lastly, after rubbing tissue on the wet swatch, almost everything came off. Honestly, I’m so disappointed with its staying power. It doesn’t have much longevity to offer and I really wanted it to work but it seems like it never fully dries up. *sob*

In its defense, it can actually lasts the whole day if and only if it doesn’t come into contact with anything. I tried lining my upper lid with this, very thinly and making sure that it would not touch my crease area when I open my eyes. Also, I tried my best not to rub or even touch my lids. And surprisingly it did stay on for the entire day! I don’t know what to tell you but I have mixed feelings with this F21 Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner. Haha. This can potentially be a great product but you have to be really cautious when using it.

Tip: I suggest patting on a brown eyeshadow on top of the gel liner to set it in place. This may prevent the gel liner from smudging. It’s not an absolute guarantee that it will not smudge if you do this method but it does help a lot. πŸ™‚

Price: Php225
Available at: Watsons and SM Department Stores

What do you think? Would you give this affordable liner a chance? πŸ™‚