I seriously hate my schedule this semester. Imagine going to
school every day except Wednesday for a class that is only 3 hours a day when
my commute back and forth takes roughly around 4 hours. I feel like I’m wasting
time. Argh! But I’m sure December will be in no way easier since I’ll be giving
up my dorm by that time and I’ll have no choice but to buck up. Oh well, it’s
not like I have a choice.
Anyway let’s start off with a review that is long overdue; a pair of contact lenses from Valerie,
the owner of my affiliate, Dull to Doll. Last month, she sent me another pair
of brown lenses as she probably noticed how extra giddy I am when I receive
brown lenses. Perhaps some of you also know by now that I just love love love brown contact lenses as they enhance
our eyes without the unnatural look.
Diameter: 14mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38-40%
Life Span: 1 year
I had a difficult time wearing it at first. It made my eyes
tear up like crazy and slightly reddish on the sides — this is actually normal for me when trying out new lenses for the first time. It kinda felt like I got
soap in my eyes so I had to remove it immediately. I had to run some contact
lens solution on it while rubbing it carefully using my ring finger to remove
any dirt that may have come into contact with it during my first try, after
that everything was fine. I was able to wear and remove it in a breeze without
itchiness and further signs of irritation. I can wear for 5-7 hours
straight without feeling dry which lessens the need for me to bring my handy
eye solution. Also, there was no blurriness or abstraction from my sight during the
time I wore it.
Its 14.2mm size is just about the same size of a normal
pupil. You probably all know by now that I’m not a fan of the huge creepy
doll-like eyes… and I bet you know why. LOL! Anyway, I have relatively small pupils which means that 14.2mm looks a little big on me than on other people.but still, it’s not creepy at all. So
yes, I really appreciate the size of this one. Pretty but oh so natural! It enhances my eyes but doesn’t completely change it.
This particular pair has a medium to light brown color matched with a
subtle hurricane-like design. The edges are blurred  and soft that makes it go unnoticed from few feet away. BC-101 is the perfect pair if you’re going for the natural, barely-there brown
color as it blends nicely with our dark brown pupil. 
Overall, I think this particular color and design would be
great for those who are used to wearing clear transparent lenses for visual
correction that are trying to venture into colored lenses. It looks so natural
as if you’re not wearing lenses to enhance your look. Even up close, the color
and design is not very noticeable. Taking the color, design and the size in
consideration, this pair looks neither fake nor forced which makes it great for everyday use.
But if you are looking for a pair that is bold and obvious – not always a bad thing though, GEO
Magic Circle in BC-101 is not for you. I suggest you try EOS A3 (Read review HERE) instead.
Personally, I like EOS A3 more as it highlights my eyes even better. But then again, I
still reach out for BC-101 when I’m feeling laidback and too lazy to put on eye
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shopping, ladies!