Before I bore you with yet another mascara review, how about we talk about something more fun and colorful – new lipsticks, perhaps? πŸ™‚ I’ve had these Glory Of New York & Iris lipsticks for quite some time now but I haven’t gotten around to writing the review. I suppose now’s as good a time as any to share my two cents on these lippies so here goes.
“How Glory of New York Cosmacure is special than other cosmetics available in the market: GNY Cosmacure is natural remedy to your beauty problems that works in line of medicines to cure and rejuvenate the elements of beauty, i.e. skin, tissues, muscles and hair. If used, as suggested in product details, the result is comparable to therapeutic treatment. Unlike other available cosmetics, GNY is a daily use cosmacure; similar to health food supplement for beauty. Other cosmetics are temporary solution to beauty where as GNY cosmacure is everlasting beauty secret.” – Taken from Glory of New York Philippines

Both Glory Of New York & Iris lipsticks come in square tubes with rubber-like exterior. The shade number is located on the bottom part of the tube. I’m not particularly fond of the entire packaging – it’s not very appealing nor is it exceptionally functional. Don’t get me wrong, the tubes are nice but the rubber exterior is a dust magnet. Also, the numbering is a bit confusing. I’d rather have them labeled with witty wordplays as shade names.

The packaging, obviously, isn’t the best but what really turns me off is the smell. They have this faint crayon-like scent that nauseates me at first try. It takes a lot to get used to.. but believe me, the lipsticks themselves are worth it. They’re incredible; minus the smell, that is. πŸ™‚

GNY 26 is a true red shade with slight blue undertone. It’s the kind of red you’d go for when you’re feeling sexy and feisty. HAHA! This should come with a warning; not for the faint-hearted. This sultry shade is a real head-turner. *wink!
GNY 54 is a cross-breed between berry and fuchsia with extra sheen finish. I don’t know if it’s the finish or the shade itself but this gives me that “old gal” feel. I think this would look so much better on ladies in their 30’s than it does on me.
GNY 708 is a toned-down Barbie pink shade with cool hues as its undertone. Contrary to what most of you would think, this is a very wearable color – yes, even with my morena skintone. It’s flattering, too. This, right here, is my favorite. Isn’t it obvious? πŸ™‚
IRIS 709 is a medium coral shade that looks stunning on mestizas. The shade is lovely but it looks a bit off on me probably because it has the tendency to wash me off. I still like having the shade in my stash though.. who knows, I might wake up in the different side of the bed and decide to switch things up a bit. *wink! Oh by the way, Iris is a sister company/subsidiary of Glory Of New York. Apparently, they’re made almost exactly like GNY but cost less.
Need I say more? Duh, all four shades are opaque as they are incredibly pigmented. The color payoff is just amazing and it stays on for hours. Heck, even if the color fades, a gorgeous stain remains. They’re moisturizing, too, which probably explains the nice sheen. They glide on like butter! I can wear them day in and day out and my lips wouldn’t go dry. It’s like lip balm, lipstick and a hint of gloss all rolled into one – no settling on lines, no feathering or bleeding as well. <3 You’d totally love these lipsticks.. provided, of course, that you could look pass its smell. Teehee.
Out of sheer curiosity, I wish these came with a list of ingredients or something. just so I know what I’m really putting on my lips – does it have Vitamin E or even shea butter for the moisture-rich finish? You get what I mean, right? But given that GNY is an all-organic brand (I’m assuming Iris is, too, for all intents and purposes), I’m not even the slightest worried about toxins, lead and other harmful chemicals. Well, at least that I’m sure of. πŸ™‚
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