Eyeliner is one of the most essential things in my makeup kit and it’s also what got me started with my love for makeup. I believe I was in 3rd year high school when I tried to get away with lining my lower lash line with brown eyeliner for school – we weren’t allowed to wear any kind of makeup then. When everyone else was getting a hang of their speedball pens for calligraphy plates, I was figuring out how to do the winged cat eye look. HAHA. My “kikay”-ness started pretty early. <3
I’ve never really had problems with black and brown eyeliners.. BUT colored liners are like an uncharted territory for me especially when my comfort zone lies with plain black liners. If there’s any time to rock bold-colored liners, I think it’s this holiday season when people would be attending numerous parties and get-togethers.
“Glory of New York presents a range of cosmacure products to redefine the relevance of beauty and beauty care products. Our cosmacure products are dedicated to our consumers, who have been consistently demanding a range of beauty care products from ACI Pharm. The cosmacure products of Glory of New York are manufactured in the USA by the distinguished pharmaceutical company ACI Pharm Inc.” – Taken from Glory of New York Philippines
Glory Of New York Khol Eyeliners come in variety of shades. I got Sage (K-37), a vibrant greyish green color, and Navy (K-3), a bold deep blue shade with a wee bit of shimmer. They’re very pigmented and the color pay off is amazing. They’re effortless to apply as well. Because both shades are indeed very creamy, they’re unmistakably easy to smudge whether intentional or unintentional – if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes like me. But then again, these are kohl liners and they are known to contain more oil-like ingredients (exact ingredient may vary from one product to another) to make them creamier than typical liners. So they’re meant – in a way – to be creamy and not smudge-proof, right? I guess.
That said they can be disappointing when used to create winged lines. Not only do they smudge with just the tiniest touch but they also transfer on the crease area. It never fully dries or settles so it has the tendency to become messy at any given point in the day regardless if your lids are oily or not. The color lasts long but not in a good way.
The best way to use these, for me personally is as a base for bold eyeshadow looks. Start by applying it first on the fingers before patting the color on the lids. This way you could have better control of the color and minimizing unnecessary tugging on the eye area that could lead to premature lines. After laying down the color, you can now use that a base for your regular eyeshadows – sort of like a primer. This will make your eyeshadow more vibrant and it will also last longer. How’s that for seeing the good in the bad? *wink!
TIPS & TRICKS: (1) This is rather basic but if you plan to use it in tight lining the eyes, do make sure that the tip is dull to avoid poking the eyes. (2)Because of their creamy consistency, it’s better if they’re used in tight lining the upper lash line for it glides on smoothly without tugging on the skin. Also, by using it there, it minimizes the chances of it smudging or smearing. (3) If you want to emphasize your eyes without it looking overly done, you can apply a thin line close to your lash line and lightly smudge it towards your crease using your clean fingers. This is also a great way to create a subtle smoky effect.
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