When asked about the single makeup product I can’t live without, my instantaneous answer have always been concealer. But come to think of it, if I only have my concealer with me, what would I use to seal it? So after thinking about it some more, I came up with a new answer: powder foundation. The way I see it, if I have a powder foundation that has good coverage, I wouldn’t need a concealer that much, right?

That being said, Glory of New York Mineral Dual Foundation has become my current favorite product. At any rate, it’s still a huge relief that I don’t really have to live with just one product for whole life. LOL!

“How Glory of New York Cosmacure is special than other cosmetics available in the market: GNY Cosmacure is natural remedy to your beauty problems that works in line of medicines to cure and rejuvenate the elements of beauty, i.e. skin, tissues, muscles and hair. If used, as suggested in product details, the result is comparable to therapeutic treatment. Unlike other available cosmetics, GNY is a daily use cosmacure; similar to health food supplement for beauty. Other cosmetics are temporary solution to beauty where as GNY cosmacure is everlasting beauty secret.” – Taken from Glory of New York Philippines
I’m not particularly impressed with the packaging of this one. GNY Mineral Dual Foundation is housed in a 2-layer black plastic compact. The upper lid, where the brand name is printed on, is made of rubber-like material that is very dust and dirt prone; inside it is a small mirror. The first layer contains 8g. of product which, I think, isn’t that much. The pan itself is small too. On the lower compartment is the sponge. I like that it has holes on the bottom and that the sponge is pretty sturdy – no fallouts or crumbling. But the compartment is way too big and unnecessarily spacious thus making the entire compact bulky. It’s just not very practical to tote around especially when you’re carrying a small clutch bag as it takes up a lot of space.
What are those holes for, you ask? Powder foundations such as this one can be used both dry and wet to give different kinds of skin finish. In order to make a more dewy finish, the sponge has to be wet ever-so slightly. Now, if you simply return it in its compartment (that doesn’t have holes in it) after you use it wet, the sponge would not be able to breathe and dry itself out. This results to bacteria inhibiting in your facial sponge. Ewww!
I appreciate that the ingredients are listed but I sure hope they came up with a better way of naming or numbering the shades – not just that tiny silver sticker with a number on it. Seeing that it has a generous amount of mica in it, there’s no wonder why it’s great in controlling excess oil. FYI, ingredients are listed depending on the quantity used. Uhmm.. Titanium dioxide? Does this mean GNY Mineral Dual Foundation has SPF too? 🙂
I thought my Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Foundation (Read review HERE) was the best affordable powder there is in terms of coverage for everyday use. But I guess I was wrong. Okay, it’s not as cheap as the former but the quality does speak for itself. I can get away with lightly done brown, lip balm and just this as it makes my skin look pore-less in an instant. It’s finely-milled so it doesn’t feel scratchy on the skin but it does become too powdery at times when I swirl my brush on it. It’s easy to even out and it doesn’t leave any streak of color when used wet which is always a good thing.
When everything’s said and done, it all boils down to how long it stays on without caking. Well, I’m thrilled to share that this GNY Mineral Dual Foundation can remain intact for an ENTIRE day. Like I said, I have combination skintype: oily on the T zone and dry on the areas around the eyes. I know a powder foundation is bad when the bridge of my nose and forehead becomes oily and shiny after a few hours and when the area below my eyes starts to look dry and begins crease. 
I have to say, I was really surprised how well this powder foundation was able to cater to such different skin needs. There was no excess oil build up, no shine and definitely no creasing on dry areas. It did not accentuate dry patches nor started caking even after sweating intensely during my commute. GNY Mineral Dual Foundation is absolutely incredibly. I’m completely blown away by its wear time. Kudos!
One caveat though, if you plan on wearing this, go easy on the foundation. Thick and heavy foundation matched with this GNY Mineral Dual Foundation could make it look cakey. But that’s true for any makeup which has way too many (and thick) layers.. you get my point. 🙂

Face of the Day: (Aug. 1)
Products Used:
CanMake Smooth Skin Primer (Read review HERE)
GNY Total Coverage Foundation in 203 (Read review HERE) & Mineral Dual Foundation in 29
Naked Minerals Blush in Just Peachy (Read review HERE) & Highlighter (Read review HERE)
Hayan Auto Eyebrow in 001 (Read review HERE) + IN2IT Brow Cake
Estee Lauder Pure Color Quad (Read review HERE)
Colour Collection Lipstick in Red Wine (Read review HERE)
Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder (Read review HERE)
Hayan Aqua Mineral Facial Mist (Read review HERE)

I just can’t get over how flawless, pore-less and glowing my skin looks here.
Take note: No edit. No filter. Just good makeup. *wink!

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