My work schedule can be pretty hectic at times. And although I don’t get a lot of pimples, I’m constantly struggling with skin dullness. You’ll be surprised by what lack of sleep can do to your skin! Well apparently, there’s this skincare line called Glow Mori that focuses on giving your skin that radiant glow. 🙂

What makes Glow Mori special? Hinoki Cypress Water or pure water extracted from Japanese Hinoki plant is rich in minerals that are beneficial for skin. The main plant extract, Phytoncie prevents the accumulation of bacteria and collects and absorbs all impurities from the facial skin. There is less possibility of pimples and it also helps gently control and repair damages from acne and keeps skin hydrated. –

GLOW Mori Cleansing Water (Php700), silk cocoon cleansing water thoroughly cleans the face and clears away pore blockage. Hinoki cypress water prevents the buildup of bacteria that causes pimples and nurses acne. Thanks to the power of Golden Silk Cocoon collagen and protein extract, it leaves the skin bright and moisturized.

GLOW Mori 2-in-1 Jelly Makeup Remover & Cleanser (Php700), new innovation of makeup remover and cleanser become 2in1 Jelly Cleanser. The innovative jelly absorbs all cosmetic and completely cleans the face. The jelly is very effective and gentle. Hinoki cypress water prevents the buildup of bacteria and nurses acne.

The Jelly MakeupRemover applies softly on the skin and spreads easily. It comes off transparent fresh from the pump but as it is massaged on the face, I notice it becomes mush-colored as it removes makeup. It can be rinsed off directly but I prefer removing it with facial wipes first to partially take out the oily residue. This is great for removing heavy foundation but not so much for water-proof eye makeup as it can sting the eyes a bit. That said, I prefer the Cleansing Water for removing eye makeup. It is lighter and easier to use; not rubbing/massaging required. It is able to remove both eyeliner and mascara effortlessly. These two truly complements one another.

GLOW Mori White Ichiglow Radiant Serum (Php700), moisturizes and whitens skin because of the active ingredient of protein extract from Golden Silk Worm cocoon from Japan, Gunma prefecture and white strawberry.  The serum contains Natural Mineral Base so it can be used as a make up base to help achieve a natural look.

This is probably my first encounter with a serum that is rather powdery. It is actually reminiscent of the moisturizer I used in high school. I know you’re familiar with Ponds Pinkish White Cream? This has exactly the same texture although the scent it a lot fruitier. It applies on the skin smoothly and leaves a powder fresh finish.

It has a slight beige tint to it that helps blur minor imperfections and even out skin tone. I think it’s more of a day cream given it’s impressive SPF50 content than an actual serum. Nonetheless, I really like how it instantly brightens my face. On errand days, I can skip concealer and powder with this one.

GLOW Mori Sleeping Cream (Php700) which extract from one of the best premium golden silk cocoon from Gunma in Japan, the product is completely safe and test extremely beneficial to facial skin using our innovative technology “Deep Ultra Glowlecule.”

I’ve seen countless rave reviews on this moisturizer. It said to cure breakouts and tho I cannot completely vouch for it, there are tons of user testimonials to that effect. The before-and-after photos are impressive! I only get one or two zits on the cheek area every now and then, and this really did help it dry out over night so I guess curing acne is not really far-fetched. I mean, if it can heal a pimple overnight, correcting breakout maybe possible with continuous use. But what truly fazed me is that it really did make my skin 10x healthier-looking! My skin looked so fresh and well-rested despite the lack of sleep. 10mL is teeny tiny and I can finish the whole thing in 2 weeks so it is a bit expensive given the amount of product. Still worth it tho!

Snow Aura Whitening Booster Mask (Php1,550) is an overnight mask. The combination of advanced whitening technology, Hento white and Liposome encap nano vitamin A-C-E, and the most valuable natural extract of Alp Rose stem cells, and 24K Pure Gold and 9 kinds of concentrated natural extracts result in a revolutionary product for effective and long-lasting whitening product.

Now this one is rather interesting. Snow Aura is a leave-on sleeping pack. It is thick and rich in texture, but is still easy to spread. It’s hard to even out but it doesn’t really matter if it’s even or not. Haha. Now the interesting part; it has these tiny gold particles that makes it appear as if you’re wearing an expensive gold mask to sleep. This is somehow absorbed by the skin because the gold film is significantly reduced the morning after thus leaving a radiant skin! I super love this sleeping mask! I already shifted to a different skincare regimen after finishing the moisturizer and serum but I still incorporate this Snow Aura Whitening Booster Mask  to whatever skincare I’m using. It works well with pretty much anything. <3

Overall, I think the GLOW and Snow Aura skincare line is definitely worth trying. They’re actually really good which is why I was wondering why there’s no hype about it yet. I highly recommend that you try it especially if you feel like your skin is a bit dull. This will surely give it the glow it needs. 😉

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