I know, I know what you’re thinking, “Another skin whitening product? We thought you’re over that?”. Let me just say this for the record, I’m done obsessing over fairer skin but I’m still open to trying out new products for this blog and everyone else’s benefit even if that includes skin whitening products. Now that’s all cleared up, let hop on to the review. Shall we?:)

The owner of YourBoutique OnlineShop on Facebook, Ms. Lyra, sent me these two lotions to try. From the name of the lotions itself you’d immediately know that they’re both aimed to lighten the skin’s complexion. According to the shop description, their products are manufactured by a leading Pharmaceutical Company who distributes skin care products here and abroad, and that the ingredients used are BFAD approved so it follows that it’s safe for usage. I’ve honestly tried a lot of their products – both sponsored and not – and I can attest to their safety, if that means anything. But I still think it would be better if they could post and print the ingredients on the packaging of the products itself.
Since were on the topic about the packaging, the lotions come in a typical pink and white plastic bottle with a a small circle opening on top. It’s safe to bring while traveling because it locks securely and doesn’t open easily.

Both lotion share the same consistency that is almost too watery for a regular lotion though it doesn’t feel weird – like water is actually added to the lotion to dilute it. It’s nothing like that at all! It feels great on the skin and because of the runny consistency, I don’t need much to cover my entire body. 
Aside from the apparent difference in color, what sets the two from each other is their smell. Gluta-Milk lotion, contrary to the name, doesn’t smell like milk. It’s more like a sweet candy smell with a hint of citrus when sniffed from the bottle. But when applied on the skin, the smell goes almost unnoticeable. On the other hand, Bleaching lotion with SB gives off a strong smell like most sunblocks but is mixed with other chemicals used in derma products. And the smell only goes away after a few minutes on the skin.

As of writing, I already used up the entire 120mL bottle of Gluta-Milk lotion and is half way thru my Bleaching lotion with SB. So first thing’s first, throughout my use of Gluta-Milk lotion, I did notice my skin lighten a bit but it also dried my skin ever so slightly which is really common to almost all whitening products. I’d expound further the lightening effect, the tiny dot-like marks on my legs from scratching the in-growing hair diminished and is almost unnoticeable and even the marks from insect bites on my feet are gone though the marks are not deep to begin with (just the top most layer of the skin, I guess). — Used together with Alpha Arbutin Formula Plus Soap. (Read review HERE)
I wish I could say the same for the other lotion, Bleaching Lotion with SB. So far, I haven’t seen any difference yet. Maybe because this lotion must be used with the whole Bleaching Set that includes 2 different day and night lotions and a bar soap. Anyway, The sunblock property itself is good enough for me. At least I don’t go under the sun unprepared. *wink

That’s it for my quick lotion reviews.
I’ll see you again on my next post. Have a blessed day ahead, loves! 😉