When you reach the age of 20, skincare turns from luxury to necessity. Eyebags [click here for the perfect concealer] and skin dryness (in my case) kicks in. Not to mention slow metabolism… but that’s a different story.
But since everyone’s skin reacts differently, I can’t wholly rely on blog reviews. I also have my fair share of trial and error when it comes to skincare products. I’ve tried local, foreign, even organic products. Some work and some don’t but luckily, the often change in products/routine seldom cause breakout.
Now here’s my latest trial and error experiment: Godiva’s Fruitonique Set. I got it from ensogo.com for less than Php 400. Great deal, eh?
I usually don’t like mixing and matching different brands or even different product lines so that I can fully assess the effect of the products.
I haven’t used this as much because I find bar-type soaps a bit drying.
The cream, like every other cream, comes in a white gel-like texture. This one is a bit too oily right after application.
The transparency and consistency or the serum resembles that of water.
–     After 2 weeks of use (with the help of Myra 400 E) my face looks fresher and less oily around the nose area in the morning.
– It has a bit of whitening effect to it.
– The serum is easily absorbed by the skin.
–   I’m not a fan of its smell. Its somewhere between Cali Green and the cheap car freshener shaped like a -Christmas tree.
–  The cream is sticky at first and it takes a while before it dries up to a matte look.
–  I find the bar soap useless. I think the bar soap is a bit harsh to the skin on the face so I don’t really use it.

Buy Again? Maybe not. I’d like to try Olay White Radiance next since I’ve been reading a lot of rave reviews about it.
My Verdict: 3.5/5