Ok, I’ve been meaning to write a review on this particular product few days ago but every time I try to start the post, I end up looking blankly on my laptop screen. But this time, it’s now or never. LOL! I just really want to finish this post because I’m about to change my current skincare routine and I have tons of new products I want to try. So yeah, let the product review begin! :))

Godiva Lico-White Cream was introduced to me by my boyfriend. Well actually, I asked him about it. You see, almost 2 years ago, my boyfriend had serious problems with pimples and pimple marks. He tried ALOT of products. Some worked and some didn’t. Eventually, I noticed his skin was becoming clearer and one of the products he was using that time was Godiva’s Lico-White set. 
Sorry, my boyfriend didn’t allow me to post his before and after pictures. :/
And like every summer, I’m experiencing skin problems. (I’m actually blaming the heat for my breakouts since it’s making my face oilier than it normally is) So I took a blind leap and bought this.
Godiva Lico-White Cream (Php 90) available at any Watson’s Stores.
Its packaging is very similar to Godiva’s Fruitonique Cream. (Read review here)
– It brightens my skin.
– You can’t argue when I say it’s pretty affordable. Php 90 for a month’s supply of day and night cream? Very budget friendly. LOL! đŸ™‚ Plus, it’s easily accessible.
– My skin feels softer and looks clearer after washing my face in the morning.
– It doesn’t have any irritating (artificial) smell.
– It helps remove pimple marks by evening out skin discolorations.
– It’s greasy and sticky for a few minutes after application.
– Brightening effect is only temporary.
– Initially, I have combination skin type, oily on the T-zone and dry on other parts, but because of the constant heat and this product, my skin type is now 100% oily.
Buy Again? No. This is the typical case where one product works for others but it doesn’t really work for you. We all have different skin types that’s why skincare products can be very tricky.
My Verdict: 2.5/5