Whenever my boyfriend and I pass by the Hua Mulan kiosk in malls, I just can’t help but express how baffled I am with their pricing. I mean, they’re just wooden combs.. how can they be so different from other cheaper combs? And then my boyfriend would automatically respond by saying that they have one at home and it really does feel different when used

I guess that’s something I gave up on understanding.. until I was sent this Goody Stylista for review purposes. Goody isn’t exactly expensive but the tag price on it is not one I’d ordinarily be willing to pay for. I’d rather buy a lipstick with that money or so I thought.

Product Description:

(Taken from www.amazon.com)
The Goody Stylista Collection is a line of styling tools designed with inspiring trend patterns and fun fashion prints. These tools allow expression of individuality and femininity with vibrant pops of color that make it the ultimate accessory for any vanity.

As per description, Goody Stylista comes in 3 different designs: butterfly, spiral vine-thingy and this one which has bubbles gradating around. The designs are nice and pretty although not very special. What do you expect, it’s just a hair brush, one would think. Size-wise, I think it’s huge and bulky. Although light, it’s not ideal for travelling. I like the size of the handle as it gives me a better grip on the brush. Don’t laugh but I’ve had several instances where the brush actually slips out of my hand and then propels to a relatively great distance. *face palm!*

That said, why would anyone spend more than a hundred bucks on a  typical hair brush? Well, for one, the purple beads covering each bristles ensure that it doesn’t scratch and hurt the scalp. The soft white surface of the brush, on the other hand, pushes down automatically when too much pressure is applied – again, to avoid hurting the scalp.
Also, this brush, like I said, might not be great for travelling but because of its size, it makes styling easier and faster. The diameter alone helps maintain the voluminous bob of my hair simply by moving the brush inwards during use. I’m not saying you should spend on hair brushes but if you have a couple of bucks to spare, do try Goody brushes.

Price: Php 350 (Mall Price, Php 499)

Available at: The Sugar Bomb
How about you, how do you pick out a hair brush? Any specific favorites?
Let me know by commenting down below and I’ll see you on my next post. πŸ™‚