I’ve never been the type to collect individual eyeshadows. I find them rather bulky to carry around so as much as possible, I buy quad palettes that have all the colors I’ll need when I travel or maybe just the basic earth-tone shades. But every now and then I come across affordable eyeshadows that are actually good. I don’t really care for their packaging since I’d rather depot them in a bigger customizable cases but for this instance, let’s indulge and really take notice every aspect of this very promising individual eyeshadows, Hayan Artistic Crystal Eyeshadow.
Product Description:
(Taken from Hayan Korea E-brochure)

HAYAN Artistic Crystal Eye Shadow. Pearly crystal color create dazzling gorgeous eyes! Stays put the whole day! You only need a little amount of HAYAN Artistic Crystal Eye Shadow to make your eyes sparklingly attractive as its colors blend gently and apply beautifully. Behold dazzling gorgeous eyes artistically created with Hayan Artistic Crystal Eye Shadow!
Hayan Artistic Crystal Eyeshadow comes in small plastic square packaging that can come across as a bit tacky. If you’re familiar with NYX single eyeshadows, they’re almost like that except the pans aren’t properly placed – in some, not all. If you plan on keeping the original packaging, it can be fixed by gluing it to the base again. However, in my case, since I would be depoting them soon, the loosely glued pans are in my advantage for it won’t require much effort to remove.
I’m slightly concerned with the numbering though. In some instances, the shade number in the box is different from the number on the sticker label and their catalogue. It can be quite confusing especially when you don’t really know the shade and memorized the number instead; went you try to look for that shade in stores, chances are that you’ll buy the wrong shade.

They are generally fine and velvety to apply – with the exception of one, E506. They glide on like butter and they blend out nicely without losing the color in the process. Speaking of color, they have amazing pigmentation. One swipe is enough to give a semi-opaque swatch but still buildable. The color is very rich, indeed, although they tend to be powdery at times. It can be often messy to use.

I’ve been using these eyeshadows with a primer but even without the latter, the eyeshadows still offer decent wear time. It won’t last overnight on their own but a good 4-6 hours is still incredible for something this cheap, if you ask me.

Color guide and swatches:
Upper Row: E506 is a shimmery silver shade that has chunks of glitters that makes it a bit gritty and powdery as well. E503, on the other hand, is a pale pink shade that translates well as highlight; best used for highlighting the brow bone. E507 is a vibrant pink shade that looks a lot like a blush than an eyeshadow for me. Lower Row: E502 is a medium brown shade while E504 is a warm maroon color – both with minimal shimmers.
If I have to choose a favorite, it’ll have to be E502 since the color is very subtle, wearable and versatile even on its own. But hey, they cost less than a hundred pesos so I don’t think buying a couple of shades to mix and match would hurt, you know. πŸ˜‰
 Hayan Artistic Crystal Eyeshadow in action:
Oh, pardon my unruly brow but this is basically what my everyday eye makeup for office/school looks like. I used E503 to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes, E504 to warm up the crease area and most importantly, E502 to bring color and blend everything all together. The key is blending. It’s fairly simple to do and it takes less than 3 minutes to finish both eyes – with practice, that is.
I like how wearable and natural it looks especially with my glasses. It doesn’t make me look too made up but instead, it just gives my eyes emphasis just so the glasses won’t wash out my eyes, if you know what I mean. Overall, I think these Hayan Artistic Crystal Eyeshadows are such great steal considering their price. They have commendable color payoff, incredible staying power and best of all, they’re quite affordable, too.
Price: Php 98 each (Regular price, Php 130)
Available at: Hayan Korea Stalls (SM, Starmall and Victory Central Mall)
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