I’ve done several reviews on setting powders before here in my blog but I don’t think I’ve really stressed out its importance especially to those with oily skin. Setting powders are sheer powder that’s essentially used to seal the foundation or in my case, BB cream. It adheres to the base product, delays the “oiling up” process and just basically prevents your makeup from sliding off despite the humid weather. So here’s one from a new Korean brand that’s been getting quite a lot of buzz from the online community recently, Hayan Korea.
Product Description:
(Taken from Hayan Korea’s E-Brochure)
HAYAN Silky Face Powder gives the skin a natural look while keeping it healthy and fresh. This long lasting powder absorbs oil and keeps the skin clear and smooth. It easily glides onto skin creating that instant shine-free look. Made of the finest particles, it is easy to apply and blend. It naturally covers blemishes and wrinkles, and does not cake or settle in the fine lines of the skin
I honestly can’t leave the house without dusting on setting powder – either it be tinted or translucent, it depends on the look I’m going for and my mood. I’ll try to discuss this in greater depth in another post.. I’ll just lay down the difference between the two really quickly. Tinted powder gives the skin more color, obviously, and it offers more coverage. Downside is that it gives the skin more texture that could be prone to caking. Now, translucent setting powders can be ghastly and intimidating but when blended properly, it give the skin a natural-looking, radiant glow that doesn’t look too made up.
This Face Silky Powder from Hayan Korea attempts to give you the best of both worlds.
Let’s start with the packaging. Hayan Face Silky Powder comes in a bulky plastic container with a black screw-lid top. Inside it is a sealed white sifter that controls the amount of product dispensed. Although sturdy, the overall packaging is incredibly bulky and a bit heavy. But if you wish to bring it along during travel, you can always transfer some to a smaller container. πŸ™‚
Hayan Face Silky Powder comes in 3 shades to cater to a wider range of skin tones. Most of the shades are either neutral or yellow-based so I’m pretty sure Filipina ladies wouldn’t have troubles finding a shade that fits. Also, since the shades are very sheer, it comes off as translucent after all – minus the white cast. And seeing that talc is one of the major ingredients, it’s expected to smell a lot like baby powder.
TIPS: Use the powder puff included. Fold it to two and then slightly roll the edge moving from one area to another to really pack in the powder. This ensures that the powder really locks in with the base and gives it more color – from the slight tint from the powder. For a lighter, more natural look, use a powder brush and lightly dust the powder all-over the face.
The powder is very soft. No doubt about how finely-milled it is! I actually dipped my finger inside the container for the swatch and I was surprised by how silky smooth it felt on my skin. It’s as if it breaks down when in contact with the skin. I really don’t know how to explain it but do take my word for it; it’s insanely smooth and blending it on the skin feels oh-so divine. <3
As expected from a slightly tinted translucent powder, it gives the skin a very healthy glow without making the powder look too obvious. The skin looks instantly smooth and radiant.. no shocking white cast or ghastly film on the face. Like I said, it’s more on the translucent side than the tinted side so don’t expect any coverage from this Hayan Face Silky Powder.
It may not cover much but it does great in keeping the skin oil-free for hours. Mind you, when I say oil-free I didn’t mean “matte and dull”. No, I mean radiant and silky! If your skin is not problematic and doesn’t need much coverage, I’m sure you’ll love this. Another thing I noticed about it is that it doesn’t oxidize or darken after a couple of hours. It stays on as radiant as when first applied. Although it does wear out a bit, of course, because of the humid weather and sweating. πŸ™‚
After taking everything into careful consideration, I strongly feel that this is a great product to try. It does what it’s supposed to do (which is to control oil) and it doesn’t cost much.
Price: Php 280 (Introductory Price)
Available at: Hayan Korea Stalls (SM, Starmall and Victory Central Mall)

Have you tried anything from the brand, Hayan Korea, before?
What Hayan product do you want me to review? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do. πŸ™‚
See you on my next post!