Here comes the sun la la la la~ 
Sun block is often the most neglected step in any skincare routines. I know, I know. I’m guilty of this too. That’s easily understandable because unlike eye creams or serums, we can’t really see the effects brought about by use of sun block. But let’s keep in mind that sometimes the most important things only bear fruits or show its result after a very long period of time. If you don’t know, sun block not only prevents sunburn but it also helps prevent early signs of skin aging and reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. Like what they always say, prevention is better than cure. 

When do we need to wear sun block? Most of you probably use sun blocks during outings and trips that are expected to have prolonged sun exposure. But did you know that even on cloudy days, 80% of the sun’s UV rays can slip through the clouds. So using sun block on a daily basis is definitely a must, for me at least!

If you remember my review on Hayan’s Auto Eyebrow (Read review HERE), I said that Hayan is a relatively new Korean brand in the market. And from what I’ve gathered, this authentic Korean brand was established early in 2012. Not too long for a brand to establish their name, I’d say. That’s probably why their products are very affordable! Anyway, regardless what their reason is, I plan on taking advantage of the introductory prices and sales. LOL!

So what’s the correct SPF level? Articles online would recommend a minimum of SPF 15 on normal days and SPF 30 or more when you plan to stay under the sun for hours. But since we’re living in a tropical country and the sun seems to be harsher than ever, I prefer using products with SPF 40 on a daily basis and something with SPF 60 or higher for swimming and outings.
Because I seldom go out, I’m actually sharing my Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream with my father who loves biking every morning. He would usually leave the house at 4am and return before lunch. According to him, the amount of SPF is pretty decent but the finish and effect Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream gives is very commendable. He never encountered sunburn or sore patches ever since he started using this. That’s all the details I could get out of him.. you know how inattentive guys can be on small details. LOL! So here’s my personal take on Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream. πŸ˜‰
Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream comes is a silver metallic box with the instructions, list of ingredient and expiration date clearly printed on the sides of the box. One side has all these in Korean writing while the other side has these information roughly translated to English – this actually is a major plus since I’ve seen a couple of Korean products with little to no English translations. Inside the box is an easy-squeeze tube with the same silver metallic foil packaging. 
It has this thin foil seal that covers the narrow nozzle to reassure the user that it is indeed a new product. I remember buying a pencil liner before from Nichido and the saleslady gave me a used one. πŸ™ Plus, this makes sure that no foreign object has contaminated the sun block. Overall the packaging is lightweight, travel-friendly and very hygienic.

Unlike other sun blocks, Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream comes in a creamy white lotion-like consistency. It’s very rich and thick but at the same time, it glides on smoothly. It doesn’t feel weird – by weird I’m talking about the awkward “lotion combined with water” feeling – on the skin. It’s very easy to blend and spread although it takes a few minutes longer to fully absorb. Before going on with your normal makeup routine, I suggest you allow the sun block to dry first to avoid caking. What I like about Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream is that it doesn’t feel sticky, greasy or oily even after sweating like a pig. No white cast or streak too! Well, in the contrary, it even gives my skin a hint of radiant glow as it brightens my face a bit. It’s much like an ordinary lotion but with superior sun protection properties to boot.
For those who are extremely sensitive to strong scents, I think you must know that, like typical sun blocks with high SPF, Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream, too, has a strong soapy smell that is common to majority of sun blocks. It’s a bit bothersome at first but it grows on you.. I’ve been using this for weeks and I hardly notice the smell anymore. πŸ™‚

It’s not the best nor the cheapest sun block in the market right now but you really get your money’s worth with this one. Plus, the SPF is just about the right amount for daily use so I’d say Hayan Realize White Natural Sun Block Cream SPF 40 PA++ is truly worth buying. πŸ˜‰

Price: Php 282
Available at: Hayan Korea Counters
How about you? What do you use to protect your skin from this summer sizzling heat?
Despite the humid weather, let’s try to enjoy summer! See you on my next post! πŸ™‚