Normally, I wouldn’t review a skincare product without using it for at least a month. But I guess there will always be an exception to the rule. And that exception came in the form of Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser. I’ve only been using this for a little over 3 weeks but I’m really surprised by the results that I decided to share it immediately so that my readers could also take advantage of the introductory sale/prices. To be fair, I’m also using a whole lot of other skincare products aside the ones I got from Hayan Korea (some products from Clinique and Ponds too).

Another reason for the quick review is that this tube already ran out yesterday. Apparently, both my younger brother and father were intrigued by the product and were surprised by the drastic change in my skin. Honestly, I think they were just jealous that my skin was clearing up. So they also decided to use it. Talk about a vain family. LOL! I can’t blame them, can I? Although I must admit that it was also a big shock for me because they rarely use my skincare products – voluntarily, that is. 🙂

Product Information:
(Taken from Hayan Korea’s E-brochure)
HAYAN Solutions Foam Cleanser (100g) 
Deeply cleanses and hydrates leaving skin refreshed and smoothed 
Benefits: Dissolves and removes any makeup residue and environmental impurities gently and thoroughly. The smooth fine foam, suffused with natural plant extracts, lessens skin irritation as it purifies, revitalizes and moisturizes your skin. 
How to use: Moisten your face with water, then massage a small amount of the cleanser gently over the skin to form a rich creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly.
Korean brands are known for their cute and girly packaging like Etude House and Tony Moly. If not for those, it would be for their high end and very luxurious product lines like Laneige. I’m positively sure I’m not the first one to admit that I’ve been lured by those factors into buying Korean products so I’d say it’s pretty effective in terms of advertisement. 
But Hayan Korea is nothing like that. Based from the Hayan products I’ve seen and tried so far, they don’t really focus much on their packaging. Maybe their motto is “let the product speak for itself” or something like that? I dunno so don’t quote me on that. *wink Personally, I never gave Hayan’s packaging much thought because I already know it works for my skin. But I think the minimalist packaging is to their disadvantage. It’s way too simple to get the attention of their target market.
Like most of their products, Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser comes in a white box with a small tinge of purple where majority of the product information is printed.  Inside is a simple white, easy-squeeze tube with the same purple accents to set it aside from all Hayan’s other products. There isn’t anything special about the packaging. It looks very simple, if you ask me. Although I’d give it a plus point for the sealed nozzle. I like buying things that have foil seals on them as this gives me the assurance that what I’m getting is new and absolutely unused. This might sound petty but it’s important for me especially when it comes to skincare products. 
Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser is thicker compared to my usual Pond’s Facial Cleanser, consistency-wise. Even the foam is thicker actually. It’s like the bubbles it creates are pressed together. It feels smooth on the face and has absolutely no beads or scrubs – just pure foam. Speaking of the foam, it takes slightly longer to rinse off than my other facial washes. As for the smell, it has a hint of soap-y smell that is almost unnoticeable. It easily goes unnoticeable, for me at least. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I usually get some of the foam in my eyes.. good thing they don’t sting or hurt that much. LOL! 

This facial cleanser has aslo proven to be every effective in removing non-waterproof makeup residue. I always make sure to use a decent makeup remover or cleansing cream before washing my face. But apparently, some residue is still left because when Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser starts to foam up, I can see it turn to a light beige color which indicates that some of my foundation was left. By removing these dirt and residue, Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser is actively preventing any future breakout.
Before I started using Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser, I was experiencing a mild breakout. I remember going to Nisce Skin ‘n Face’s event with a huge pimple on the bridge of my nose and another one on my cheek. I was about to finally accept that summer time brings out the worst of my skin and there’s nothing I could do about it when I tried this. I’m not trying to sound melodramatic but that’s how I felt then. I still have the pimple marks from my recent breakout if you need proof that my skin went through a rough patch.

Immediately after I started using this, I noticed that my skin became less oily. Less oil = less breakout. Even my t-zone became less prone to oil accumulation and shine. No new pimple dared to pop up since I started using this which I found really amazing since the week I started using it was also the week I had my period. I normally get pimplier during that time of the month but no, not a tiny pimple came. Also, it doesn’t dry up my skin even if I wash my face with it 3-4 times a day. It keeps my skin smooth and radiant too.
I honestly think this [my skin condition now] is the best my skin has been since summer started. The results just blew me away.. especially when you consider how affordable it is.
Let’s see how my skin reacted to Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser.
From the photos above, it is obvious that Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser did an amazing job clearing out my skin. It is, however, important to note that the overall result is not solely attributable to Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser. The result was achieved with the help of a brigade of skincare products I specifically used address my mild breakout. Of course, Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser still did an awesome job in keeping my skin less oily. If you want a complete/update list of skincare products I’ve been using, don’t hesitate to ask. *wink
Now my only problem is that I still have a handful of facial washes from different brands to review but I’m having a hard time convincing myself to switch. I genuinely love the results Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser has given me.. I will, without a doubt, repurchase it. Especially because my little brother is already asking for his own tube of Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser. 🙂
Price: Php 198 (Introductory Price)
Available at: Hayan Korea Stalls (SM, Starmall and Victory Central Mall)

Have you tried anything from the brand, Hayan Korea, before?
What Hayan product do you want me to review? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂
See you on my next post!