The way I see it, having fairer skin makes me one step closer to being what they call “conventional” beauty – long hair, small waist and fair skin. It’s not my ultimate goal but I’m sure majority of my readers are interested in getting whiter skin so I might as well get this review going. πŸ™‚
I personally know a lot of people who are incredibly fixated on having fairer skin and sure enough, they’ll be extremely excited to know that this product I’m about to review promises whiter skin in an INSTANT. Wait, don’t scroll straight down to see the result and my swatches. Try to contain yourselves and read the review, ok? HAHA! πŸ˜€
As the product name suggests, Hayan White Effect Cream basically claims to brighten the skin instantly after application. The packaging failed to provide more information but I was told that besides the immediate and temporary skin whitening effect, Hayan White Effect Cream could also lighten the skin permanently with continuous use. I’ve witnessed the instantaneous results but I am yet to prove its long-term claim. I’ll update you then. πŸ™‚

Hayan White Effect Cream, again like the other products I reviewed from the brand, comes in a white box with a very minimalist design. This one in particular has a periwinkle blue color to set it aside from the other products. At first, I was really bothered that both the box and the white plastic tub inside it have these sticker labels that seem to be covering old labels. These messy and unevely placed stickers make it look as if the product itself was tampered. This goes without saying but it’s not really a nice impression to start with.
This takes us back to the brand’s choice in packaging. I believe it’s too simple to attract the market. They could’ve made the packaging look more girly or chic in a way. Anyway, going back to the sticker labels, I’ve tried peeling them off to see what its really covering. Lo and behold, the typographical errors and wrong grammar in the originally printed labels. So NO, the product itself was NOT tampered in anyway – they’re safely sealed and guaranteed new. Although I would suggest they try to cover the mistakes up in a less obvious (Read: neater) way. πŸ™‚
Essentially, Hayan White Effect Cream is like a typical white day cream that’s thick and slightly sticky on the face. The cream itself is smooth, easy to spread and absorbed by the skin in just minutes. But unlike ordinary creams, when the Hayan White Effect Cream is absorbed by the skin, the white pigment is left behind – making the skin whiter. It isn’t greasy but it can (and it will) cause caking if too much is used. I repeat, don’t put on too much else you’re makeup will surely cake under the sun.
If you’re someone who is sensitive to products’ smell, Hayan White Effect Cream may not be a good match for you. It has a strong scent (like the Chinese Chin Chan Su powder/cream) that could easily be overpowering to some. I’m not picky when it comes to smell but Hayan White Effect Cream’s scent honestly turned me off at first. Fortunately, I eventually got over it – all for the love of beauty! Who doesn’t want whiter skin in an instant, right? πŸ˜€
I’ve only been using this for a month so I will focus more on its instant result if that’s okay with you. πŸ™‚ In the span of 1 month, I didn’t use this continuously. Instead, I made Hayan White Effect Cream my makeup base for whenever I have an appointment or errand – just to test it out. 
I prefer using it as my makeup base because of several reasons. First, as it makes my skin lighter, it also gives it a radiant glow to it – provided that I don’t go overboard on the application. Next, (refer to the swatch photo below) it fills in the lines and blurs out small imperfections in the skin thus creating a smoother canvas for makeup. Lastly, it doesn’t give off any horrid white cast/streaks like that of a mask. It still looks natural and the skin appears healthy. However, it doesn’t help keep makeup intact throughout the day so I still use makeup primer.
My point is, Hayan White Effect Cream is indeed a very decent makeup base even without the whitening effect. But since it offers the quality of both a decent base and an incredible instant skin brightener, Hayan White Effect Cream is a great multi-purpose product.
From the photo above, it’s obvious that Hayan White Effect Cream instantly made the right side of my hand half a shade lighter.. and that’s just with a very thin layer. What I like about how it whitens the skin is that, it still looks natural and not like a weird white mask. 
While it somehow blurs out lines and lightens the overall skin color, it also neutralizes my skin’s apparent yellow undertone thus allowing me to be more flexible in using face products. I can now use pink-based or yellow-based foundations. πŸ™‚
Hayan White Effect Cream used as makeup base:
I used 3 thin layers to build up a natural-looking, whiter skin. NO EDIT.
I didn’t put Hayan White Effect Cream on my neck area. See the difference?
Wearing EOS G-206 in Gray
Now it all boils down to the important question; when is it best to use Hayan White Effect Cream? Personally, I prefer using it when my foundation base doesn’t suit my skin’s undertone or when one part of my face/neck doesn’t match all other areas. Hayan White Effect Cream offers an immediate result to uneven skin color which makes it an important part of my kit this summer – tan lines, baby! I won’t lie, I, too, sometimes yearn for a whiter and more flawless skin. Well, Hayan White Effect Cream does give it to me.
Other than those sited above, you can use Hayan White Effect Cream on a daily basis as day cream if you wish – as often as needed or hopefully, until the whitening effect becomes permanent. πŸ™‚
Price: –
Available at: Hayan Korea Stalls (SM, Starmall and Victory Central Mall)
Have you tried anything from the brand, Hayan Korea, before?
Let me know what you think and I’ll talk to you soon. See you on my next post! πŸ™‚