Ever tried coloring your hair? I have. Like 3-4 times already. Its common knowledge that colored hair needs to be maintained with hair products specially made to treat colored hair. This is because the color tends to change as we constantly wash our hair.
The HP Color Hair Spa Henna + Keratin in Medium Brown comes in a 250g tub.
The color is more like blackish-violet while in the tub.
But is really brown when spread out.
My last hair color was like a month ago. I used Etude House Bubble Hair Color in 02 Dark Brown (read review here). This is what my hair color look like now.
Without Flash.

With Flash.

You can see the streaks of orange (almost rusty) hair and the black roots.
I used the product like a conditioner then I left it for 40 minutes.
This is what my hair looks like after the treatment.
Without Flash.

With Flash.
See how even the color is?
– It doesn’t stain the hands and towels.
– Perfect treatment and maintenance for colored hair. 
– Covers orange-rust colored streaks of hair.
– The smell is not just chemical-free. It actually smells good.
– Leaves the hair very soft.
– You don’t have to worry about mixing and uneven color.
– Very affordable at Php 245 for 250g and easy to find. Its available in all HBC Stores.

– You can see majority of the product getting washed off.
Buy Again? Yes! Definitely a must-have for those who have permanent hair color.
My Verdict:  5/5