Many lip products in the market have been found to contain lead, a contaminant that is known to interfere with normal biological processes, resulting to health hazards. Exposure to lead can result in slow poisoning, as it accumulates in the body over time. Lead is readily absorbed by the body, accumulates in bone, remains highly persistent, and is highly toxic to the nervous system. Source: Toxic Beauty by Samuel Epstein
Now that’s another reason to love organic makeup.. because they don’t contain lead and other harmful ingredients. Since we’re on the topic, might as well bring up another product from a local brand that offers 100% naturally-made products, Human Nature. — or is it Human Heart Nature? ๐Ÿ™‚
Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss is available in 3 gorgeous shades: Island Berry (Red), Pink Hibiscus (obviously it’s pink!) and this one; Coral Beach is a slightly dark coral shade from the tube but is really a bright, vibrant and a bit milky coral shade when swatched. As expected from a gloss, it isn’t opaque and doesn’t offer much color as lipsticks do. However, it’s still very creamy and it glides on smoothly.

It’s always a good sign when manufacturers list their ingredients on the box. This means that they’re pretty confident with what they put in the product. Personally, when I can’t find the list of ingredients even on the internet (like the Excel Paris Lip Creams), it raises a red flag and I become really cautious.

Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss comes in a simple transparent plastic tube with clear labels. If I’m not mistaken, this huge 8.5mL tube costs less than Php 200 (Php 195, I think). That’s actually not bad given that 8.5mL is A LOT of product. I don’t even know if I could ever finish a tube of lip gloss. :/
Available at Purple Cow’s Attic.

It comes with an oddly-shaped applicator like the one below. It’s shaped like a teardrop with a tiny hole in the middle. First thing’s first, the pointed tip makes it easier to follow the shape of the lips in applying the product and the hole in the middle, I assume, is to help control the amount of product on the applicator. Well that’s just a guess. Next is how the applicator is attached to the white plastic wand; it is a bit loose or as I call it, wiggly. Thus allowing the applicator to move freely. 
Now for the not-so-good part, because of the hole/space in the middle of the applicator, it is now bigger than the actual opening of the tube container. This makes putting it back quite a struggle at times.. especially when I’m in a hurry.

For a gloss, Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss isn’t sticky nor does it feel heavy on the lips. It has decent staying power and pigmentation too! Plus points for not having any pungent smell to it. I like it because it’s so light that I sometimes forget that I’m still wearing lip gloss. One thing though, if you have dry/chapped lips, I wouldn’t suggest Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss because it tends to accentuate the dryness and lines as it settles on the crevices of the lips.

Because of Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss’ color pay off, I think this would work well for teens or high school girls — not that I’m encouraging them at such an early age — who are new and just beginning to explore the beauty of makeup. It looks almost natural and won’t make you look all made up. Or you could also use this on top of a similarly-colored lipstick or other lip products with better pigmentation just to give this a better color base.

Have you tried this lip gloss from Human Heart Nature before?
Let me know your thoughts on this product, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚
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