Move over Stemcello Vitamin C Serum and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. A new super star conquered my vanity desk and this time, it isn’t a moisturizer. Who is it? Well, it’s the product that ended my search for effective eye creams. Girls, say hello to Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX. πŸ™‚
I’ve been using Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX for not more than 2 months (3 times a day) and the results are beyond amazing! But before we proceed to the review proper, here’s a little background about the user; ME! πŸ™‚
Age: 20 y/o
Skin Type: Combination Dry-Oily
Period of Use: 6 weeks and counting. *smiles
Product Info
(Provided by Korea Cosmetics)
A dark circle eradicating & anti-wrinkle eye treatment.
“If you have serious dark circles you ones that make you look older,tired,and
exhausted. Here’s HALOXYL which is an unique ingredient specifically developed
for serious dark circles from Sederma in France. “Special eye treatment
with peptide,collagen,ceramide,adenosine provides a high moisturizing and
lifting, anti- wrinkle effect for soft and smooth eye area. Non Fragrance. Non
Artificial coloring, Clinically Proven, Dermatologist Tested, 20gr/0.71fl.oz
–  Dark
Circles & eye bag & anti-wrinkle
– Anti-wrinkle,
whitening functional certification
– Non-fragrance,
non- color
– Relieves
the dull dark circles under the eyes and swelling around the eyes
formulated with the key ingredient HALOXYL of France’s SEDERMA
– Firm
lifting of peptide , intensive moisturizing of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose,
Ceramide etc.
– Dark circle improving clinical trial (Ellide Skin
Science Institute de)

– International Patent WO05102266 A1 HALOXYL
– Joint development with French SEDERMA

The packaging is so kawaii! Korean or not, you’ll understand what the product is for and would definitely be attracted by the cute panda illustration. Who doesn’t love pandas anyway?
As you probably already know, I have Blepharitis so I have to be really cautious in buying and accepting  eye products (cosmetics and eye creams alike). But since I don’t really understand the big scientific terms for ingredients written on most products’ packaging, I just try to be really observant. Just a hint of redness or itchiness which signals irritation and that product goes straight to the trash for sure. Fortunately, Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX is great for sensitive eyes like mine as I did not experience any adverse reaction. And I like the fact that its 100% odorless because eye creams with the slightest hint of artificial scent makes me cringe and my eyes tear up like crazy.
Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX is housed in a travel-efficient squeeze tube container with a nozzle. For both skincare and cosmetics (like foundation and concealer), I always prefer products that come with pumps or nozzle simply because it lessens the possibility of contaminating the product and it’s more hygienic. Also, nozzles, particularly this one, makes it easier to control the amount of product I dispense. I wouldn’t want to waste a single drop of this product. It’s like heaven in a tube! Though I think the tube is a bit big for 20mL of product, just saying. πŸ™‚
Upon opening, the nozzle is sealed with a metallic foil to make sure that it’s new and to avoid air from getting in that could potentially contaminate the product.
LEFT: Pea-sized amount of Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX. RIGHT: When spread.
The eye cream itself is white and very fluid in consistency. I can’t emphasize how lightweight this product is. I’ve tried different eye creams before and none of them ever felt this light. It is as if I didn’t use any eye cream at all. And since it’s not heavy nor oily on the skin, it’s a great primer before applying concealer (not like you’ll need it after months with this) as it will not contribute to caking.
I use 1-2 pea-sized amount of product for each eye and it takes less that 2 minutes to be completely absorbed. Yes, that fast! I no longer have to worry if the vitamins are absorbed as I layer more skincare products before hitting the sack. Yey!
Now for Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX’s outstanding results.
I started using Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX right after my review on L’oreal Revita Lift Eye Cream and I used the after photo for the beginning of this one (Sept. 18). As you can see, I have several lines under my (right) eye but there is this one very prominent line. That line was my benchmark. On the second photo, (Oct. 18), after one month of use, that exact line is significantly less noticeable. Also, the scary dark circle under my eye has greatly lessened. As for the last photo which was taken earlier today, both the prominent line and the dark circle are barely visible. Given of course that on the last photo, I was able to take a complete 8 hours of sleep while on the previous 2, I only slept for around 6 hours. 
Overall, all I could say is that Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX is beyond awesome. I would definitely recommend this to women with hideous baggage under their eyes like mine regardless of their skin type. Looking at the before and after photo, I still can’t believe how drastic Isfren Rx Magic Eye Solution EX changed my eye area. This is definitely going on my to-buy list.
The only CON I could think of about this product is that it’s not locally available. Good thing I can still get it from Korea Cosmetics. *bigsmile

More on Korean products soon.
See you on my next post, ladies. πŸ™‚