Multi-tasking products are so in right now! Not only are they handy, travel-wise, but they’re also a big money saver. I mean if you’re getting all you need in one product, why would you choose to spend on individual products that offer the same effect, right? Well, no wonder BB creams are a big hit. Anyhoo, here’s another all-around product I discovered not too long ago, iWhite Korea Facial Cream – a makeup base, sunblock and facial cream all rolled into one. I’m sure your wallet would thank you for this. LOL! πŸ™‚
Product Description:
A natural facial cream that gives you 3 benefits as a whitening product, as a sunblock/dual UV protection, and as a non-comodogenic makeup base for a complete daytime skin protection.

Like all other iWhite Korea products, this facial cream comes in a white easy-squeeze plastic tube with a gold cap. There’s nothing fancy about the packaging; though I appreciate how all necessary information about the product’s claim, ingredient and manufacturing details are clearly stated on the tube. The cap is pretty sturdy although I worry that when placed in a crowded bag, it might pop open due to pressure. Other than that I see no problem in bringing this along during travel. πŸ™‚ 
This has exactly the same major ingredients as iWhite Korea Whitening Pack (Read review HERE)Mulberry (a better natural alternative to hydroquinone that contains arbutin which inhibits melanin production and therefore aids lightening skin discoloration), Panax Ginseng (to revitalize tired skin and reduces wrinkles/fine lines), Aloe Vera (to sooth and protect skin from allergies, remove stretch marks and as it naturally contains salicylic acid, it help prevents breakout) Titanium Dioxide (used as whitening agent and also provides sun screen protection) and Vitamin A, C, E & B5 (to prevent premature aging and help repair skin through its collagen boosting properties).
In all major aspects, iWhite Korea Facial Cream is surprisingly very similar to their whitening pack. It’s also a rich white cream with the same thick consistency and minty smell. I was honestly wary the first time I used it.. I thought they just made a mistake in packing the product. I was waiting for it to become a mask and dry up. Anyway, when I tried spreading it, the consistency became thinner thus allowing the skin to absorb it in minutes.
What it looks on the skin,
Because it contains titanium dioxide, the basic content of most sun blocks, it leaves the skin with a minor white cast – I say minor because it’s not noticeable in photos. In effect, this white cast actually makes the skin tad lighter and helps in evening out skin color too so in a way, the white cast isn’t really a bad thing. However, in terms of the SPF content, I think it can be improved a little.. although consequently, increasing the SPF could mean more obvious white cast so I guess SPF15 isn’t so bad, eh? πŸ™‚

Now as a makeup base. It does have a thicker consistency compared to the moisturizers I used before so it does take a while for the skin to fully absorb it. And once absorbed, the skin becomes a teeny tiny bit sticky – this makes my makeup adhere to the skin longer. It’s obviously not as good as other makeup primers in terms of prolonging my makeup but it’s amazing for a moisturizer.

Overall all, I’d say iWhite Korea Facial Cream did pretty good in fulfilling each roles: (sun block) decent SPF content, (facial cream) evens out skintone almost like a CC Cream and (makeup base) helps makeup longevity. Not bad for its price, right? πŸ™‚

Price: 65mL tube – Php 169 | 10mL sachet – Php 20
Available at: Watsons, SM and other leading department stores
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