With this hot and humid summer weather, can you guess how many times I take a bath everyday? A LOT! I find it irritating that just a few minutes after I get dressed, I start sweating like a pig again. *sigh If only I can just stay inside the bathroom and submerge myself in water. You can only imagine much our water consumption increased since March and how many bars of soaps I’ve used up in just since April started.. good thing I have a couple of products to try. Teehee. I’m currently on my second bar of iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White Soap.. and so far, these are what I can say about it.
I personally think that the packaging for bar soaps has little to no bearing at all. But if I must.. iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White is came in a very chic pink and black box with clear list of ingredients and manufacturing details. Moving on to the most important part; the smell. 
A lot of people are very picky when it comes to smell. Those who have sensitive skin usually reaches for organic, unscented soaps while those who aren’t very particular to products often choose soaps with lovely floral scents which, most of the times, signal artificial ingredients. In the case of iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White, although it contains mainly of organic ingredients, I’d say its smell is somewhere between the smell of Dove and Camay. The smell is apparent and hard to ignore though it isn’t exactly overwhelming. My brother actually likes the smell as it stays on the skin for about an hour after taking a bath.
If you have sensitive skin, I don’t think you need to worry about the scent since as per the ingredients listed, it’s mostly organic stuff that would unlikely do any harm to your skin. πŸ™‚
Product Description:
(Taken from iWhite Korea FB Page)
Formulated with skin lightening agents and natural anti-oxidants that protect the skin against premature aging and further cellular damage, giving it a healthy and fairer complexion.
iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White Soap contains Glutathione (known to act as a natural antioxidant and detoxifying agent that protects skin from premature aging, giving it a whiter and more radiant complexion),  Kojic Acid (a famous ingredient that whitens skin and prevents acne-causing bacteria)Mulberry Extract (another well-known natural lightening agent as it inhibits melanin production for an even-toned complexion)Vitamin E (protects skin from free radicals for a younger looking skin).

Like all other whitening soaps, iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White Soap doesn’t work overnight. It’s no miracle product, of course. I did notice a slight skin lightening effect after almost 2 bars but nothing major. Although with long-term use, I’m pretty sure this could really help the skin brighten up a bit. Personally, it’s enough for me that iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White Soap was able to bring back my normal skin color after 3 swimming trips and loads of sun exposure. πŸ™‚

Also, it’s important to note that unlike the Kojic Soap sold in most grocery and department store, this doesn’t melt easily with water and it’s surprisingly moisturizing to the skin. Soaps that contain kojic acid are usually drying to the skin so it’s quite a pleasant surprise that iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White Soap is NOT drying at all.. even if it contains mostly whitening agents. It’s refreshing, hydrating and slightly whitening to the skin. So yeah, that’s good enough for me! Honestly, of all the soaps I’ve tried since April, this was the only one worth blogging. *wink

Price: Php 89
Available at: Watsons, SM Dept. and other leading dept. stores
Looking for a whitening soap that’s effective and affordable? This could be the one for you.Ever tried iWhite Korea Gluta Berry White Soap? Any thoughts?
Let me know and I’ll see you on my next post! πŸ™‚