Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different brow products as I journey on finding “the one” and as I practice to achieve the perfect brows for my face. Let me name some bloggers whose brows I envy; Ana Patricia of Makeup By Ana Patricia, Bing Castro of  Project Awesome, Ms. Jheng of I Am Brigitte and of course Noe of Color Is My Weapon. I admit, I still have a long way to go and I’m not yet proud of how I normally do my brows but at least that’s a start. πŸ™‚

Anyway, since I’m not yet ready to splurge on MAC’s Girl Boy brow set, I decided to get the next best thing — its dupe, James Cooper Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Gel in 001 Frosted Brown. This costs less than half the price of the famous MAC’s Girl Boy brow set but I heard that the results are comparable so what the heck. Look! It also comes in the same clear tube, black top packaging as MAC’s. πŸ˜€

Left: Wand Applicator | Upper Right: When Swatched | Lower Right: After Running Water and Rubbing.
Allow me to ramble on how frustrated I am with the wand applicator. First of all it is waaaay to big (for my brows) so it automatically follows that it picks up too much product. Second, because there is too much product on the wand and it is not enough to remove them by swiping them on the opening of the tube, I have to remove the excess with a tissue paper — I’m basically wasting most of product by doing this. Lastly, it’s a bit messy to use especially when you have thin brows.
But of course  James Cooper Eyebrow Gel isn’t without any redeeming qualities. One of which is that it’s obviously inexpensive at Php 299 for a good amount (7g) of product. Its non-sticky, flowy consistency makes applying, blending and evening out the product such a breeze. Another good thing about it is that it doesn’t dry up after a few months unlike Etude House Brow Fix. And most importantly, it stays on for hours and could withstand the humid temperature and sweat though it is not entirely waterproof. But at least it doesn’t run like a mascara when wet. And oh, the color payoff is also amazing!

On the left, I already filled in my brows using the middle brown shade from IN2IT Powder Brow Set and Ever Bilena Brown Liner. My brow here looks strong and dark. Moving on the right side, I topped it off with James Cooper Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Gel in Frosted Brown thus making the strong brows from before softer and look less intimidating (mataray). But I could NOT stop there. As I said before, the wand is too big making the application process quite messy. So I had to clean up the tints outside the brow outline by using my Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer. This last part isn’t optional.. it’s a step I couldn’t skip whenever I use this product. Obviously, I can’t do this when in a hurry.

A closer look.

 James Cooper Eyebrow Gel creates a soft but still defined pair of brows by giving it a light brown tint. It gives off just the right brown shade for everyday polished look. This would generally work well on girls with (1) thick/bushy black brows who wants to lighten them and/or (2) brown or lightened hair who wants to match their hair color.

If asked whether or not I’ll be repurchasing this, well the answer is quite obvious… NO. I’d rather spend a little more to get the real thing (MAC Girlboy) than buy another tube of this.

Have you tried this  James Cooper Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Gel before?
Do you agree with me? Let me know what you think.
Just comment down below. πŸ˜‰