I read a lot of raves about this product and I’ve been checking out James Cooper’s counters at SM department stores ever since. But I didn’t really want to buy it because, to be honest, its a bit pricey. 
I was only able to get my hands on the James Cooper Jazzy Collection’s Cream Foundation a few months ago when my boyfriend finally decided to buy it for me because he was tired of walking by James Cooper counters every time we go to SM. đŸ™‚
Very classy look, eh?
Php 550 for a 20g cream foundation. 
The closest shade to my skintone was CF – 05.
I already used it trice. (twice on my face and the third time was for my sisters JS prom)
I thought, since this was only for personal use, I didn’t have to use a spatula. I just used my ELF Flat Top Brush to get the foundation off the container.
But after a while, I saw that the 20g container could last for a longtime and I didn’t want dust and other dirt from the brush (or anywhere for that matter) can contaminate the product, I had to scrape off the top layer using a spatula. :/
This is how it look like on my skin.
After blending, you can hardly see the foundation.
– Provides medium to heavy coverage.
– Doubles as concealer.
– Its very buildable.
– Gives flawless finish.
– 20g can last a long time because you only need a small amount.
– Perfect for photo shoots since it doesn’t have SPF which reflect light/flash.
– Personally, it doesn’t cause breakouts.
– Best of all, its available locally.
– Blending it out is very tricky. If not blended properly, it will cake after a few hours.
– Needs a good primer.
– I’m concern about the oil contents. Its way too oily for me.
– When you apply a thick layer, there will be white cast on photos.
– Feels heavy on the face.
– Not really good under humid weather.
Buy Again? No. My MAC Lightful Powder Foundations still does a better job. Plus, its lighter on the skin.
My Verdict: 3/5