This post was in my Drafts folder for days! I wanted to finish it last night but I stumbled upon a new KDrama on YouTube called Full House Take 2 and I got hooked in an instant! I can’t tell you how much I love the original Full House series and it’s fun to watch a new twist in the story. Sadly, my addiction was cut short because I ran out of episodes to watch since it’s still airing in Korea right now. I can’t wait to watch the 11th episode next week! *kilig
Anyway, for today’s review, let me present another never-heard US brand, Jesse’s Girl.
Sorry about the lighting. Something’s wrong with my handy camera. :/

I really like the packaging. It comes in a slim, black plastic case with a small transparent part where you can see what shade inside looks like. The packaging is made entirely of plastic but surprisingly, it feels more velvet-y than plastic on the outside. Plus, it’s very sturdy and lightweight. It is rather big for an eyeshadow but I don’t really mind carrying around with me. When closed properly, you will hear a tick or snap sound which indicates that it’s locked. I super appreciate it especially after last week when my BB cream and loose shadow pigments made a mess of my ELF pouch. Apparently, I didn’t secure their caps before stuffing them in my bag. *face palm
At the back you can see the list of ingredients and the shade of that particular eyeshadow. One big turn off, they’re made in China. I don’t know about you but I for one don’t like my makeup, skincare or any product I apply on my face in general to be made in China. 

Each case comes with its own single-ended sponge tip applicator that’s approximately 2 inches long. Based from that estimated size, you could imagine how difficult it is to use. I’d rather use my ring finger to blend the color, thank you. *sigh Yet another sponge tip E/S applicator, wasted. In all fairness naman, this one is sturdy compared to other sponge tip applicators included in some eyeshadows as it doesn’t shed or crumble down during use. So I guess this will be useful for makeup newbies.
Left: Heat | Right: Sting

Heat is somewhere between shimmery dusky pink and old rose while Sting is a beautiful bronze color with golden sparkles. Both eyeshadows offer just the right pigmentation; subtle and not too striking. I did not experience any fallouts from the two and they’re not chalky at all! They go on rather smoothly but with a little difficulty in blending. For staying power, they last for a good 3-4 hours under the humid temperature. If you ask me, that’s a great deal considering that each pan with 2.5g of product only costs around Php 200. Available at YourBoutique OnlineShop.

Left: Heat | Right: Sting
 To be perfectly honest, I only used Heat as an eyeshadow ONCE and that’s it. I prefer using it on my cheeks! Who would’ve thought that my perfect everyday blush would be an eyeshadow. LOL! The shade is just gorgeous and it looks super soft on my cheeks. More like natural flush than a work of a cheek product. 
I like Sting best! Given my morena complexion, it give my cheeks this gorgeous faint glow when the light hits my cheekbones as I smile. It compliments my skin color really well! Actually, Sting already took Milani Baked Bronzer‘s spot in my kit. As for girls with fairer skin, I think this shade would be a nice bronzer to give a little color on their faces… I still have to try it on my cousin though to check how it looks on pale skin. πŸ™‚
Have you tried other Jesse’s Girl products before?
I still have to do a review on their formula lip glosses so what out for that. πŸ™‚
Gotta go, girls. I’m actually cooking beef with mushroom for dinner while typing this. LOL!