I’ve been using these K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow pens for a while now. I’ve probably seen it before as it was featured on my Summer-Ready Waterproof Makeup post last month. I only got around to writing the proper review today because I was initially planning on doing a themed week-kinda thing. You know, an entire week dedicated to eyebrow products then another week for lipsticks.. but I couldn’t try all of the lipsticks in one go as it can be drying to the lips especially when I have about 20 shades to swatch. Anyway, I’ll just proceed with the random posting just like how I’ve been doing it for years, haha!
This is the first product I’ve tried from the brand K-Palette. I’ve always wanted to try this but I kept putting it off because I have more than enough already.. this explains why I’m writing this review after almost 2 years of lemming for the K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow.  If you remember my wishlist post way back 2013, it was already included there! See my list HEREAnd oh, I heard their eyeliners are great as well. I’m including that on my next list. *wink!
Product Description:
Its water resistant eyebrow liner has a unique feature of containing translucent ink that helps users avoid having ‘over-darkened’ eyebrows; its waterproof eyeliner has consistently been one of the top selling eyeliners in Japan for its smudge-proof feature and easy application.
K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow comes in a dual-ended pen type packaging. This is actually the kind I often recommend to makeup beginners because it’s straightforward and simple to use. It’s just like using an ordinary pen, and is a lot easier to control. It really doesn’t take much to get a hang of using it.
What I really like about the packaging is its simplicity. Everything is incorporated in this slim, lightweight pen that is easy to carry around– not that you need to retouch midday when using it. But for someone who likes to travel but can’t leave the room without filing in her brows, this is really a great treat.
The top part has the liquid or ink. It’s just this translucent color that helps fill in the gaps of the eyebrows without looking too dark. It has a soft, brush tip that applies the color seamlessly. But like most pen, it tends to produce less color when applied at a right angle so I slightly tilt my head back a little for the ink to come out more.
On the other end is the tear-shaped, sponge tip that holds the powder pigments. The powder is quite pigmented, IMHO, and it really does give the brows a fuller look. And surprisingly, there is very little fallout during application. The pointed tip helps a more precise application on the tail part of the brows which is more pointed compared to the head of the brows, of course. Which reminds me, always be mindful of how you shape/draw your brows. I keep seeing girls sporting caterpillar-looking brows. I can’t even… ugh!
01 Chocolate Brown is a nice, deep brown shade whereas 02 Honey Brown is more of a light, ash brown with a tinge of olive base. With my current reddish brown hair, 01 is a bit too dark while 02 is just too yellow so I resort to using a tinted brow mascara to achieve the shade I want. 🙂
Now for the reason why I badly wanted to get me hands on these [although they’re slightly on the expensive side];  K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow has unparalleled staying power! It’s both sweat- and water-proof! I can go for an entire day without checking my brows. Heck, I can even go swimming without worrying if my brows are still “complete”. They’re just amazing!
It truly did deserve a spot on my “want list”. And the hype about the brand did not disappoint. I can’t wait to discover what else the brand has to offer. Sorry if I kept singing praises for this specific product and I assure you I’m not paid to write this review. There’s just really nothing to hate about it. <3

Price: Php950 at Beauty Bar or Php850 at Happy Hauler PH

Have you tried K-Palette before? How was it?